Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Clothes on My Back

   Yesterday I posted the photo of the Vintner's gate, the one that took months of litigation before the case was settled.  There I was, the artist and his gate!  I included me in the photo!  Black socks and sandals and short pants!  I should be on the cover of a fashion magazine!
   I like short pants.  If I wouldn't be arrested I would wear no pants at all.  I wear them from the first sign of Spring until October when the winter rains come and dictate my fashion sense.
   My feet are big.  Size 13D and I am very hard on a pair of shoes.  In reality I don't own a single pair of shoes.  I do own one pair of boots but almost never wear them.  My feet are very tough.
 Time for new sandals? nah! Notice the socks are clean!
   I wear sandals every day, rain or sun or snow and ice.  I even own what I consider my "dress" pair of sandals, clean ones at least that I don't weld in.  Yes, sandals and black socks!  Most of my socks have holes in them in a particular pattern across the top caused by the splatter from the welder.  The tops of my feet have little burn scars from the little plasma burn arcs that have melted through my socks.  It doesn't hurt.
   It is not easy buying sandals and almost impossible to buy shoes although I admit I never look for them.  Sandals are pretty much sold "in season" only, especially when you are hunting for my size.  When I find them, in early May or April I usually buy four pairs all at once, and all exactly the same.
I prefer the "river sandals" with the Velcro straps.
  My entire clothes budget for the average year should put me on the cover of a lot of fashion magazines.
   I discovered long ago that it makes no difference what I wear.  By 10 o'clock in the morning I am dirty.

More of my fashion wear and some naked pictures of me can be found HERE that is so funny, we'll see how many "hits" this gets!


AutumnLeaves said...

Ok, I admit that I am not into nakie pics but of course I had to go see if you were that bold, Jer. I saw no nakie pics. Probably a good thing as I'm still reeling from the black socks and sandals! LOLOLOL

stonepost said...

Oh, AutumnLeaves, I am so flattered that you even looked!
No, talk about breaking cameras, making children cry and adults cringe, there are only shadows of me naked. But I got 39 "hits" from Latvia alone! That says "something" but I am not sure what?

Cheryl said...

I know somebody just like you StonePost haha...
Shorts for summer and track pants [including holes after being caught in the welder or some other bit of machinery] for cooler months. Boots all year round though.

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

Latvia! Maybe it was one of those optimistic Russian brides?

Barbra Joan said...

OMG , yes Jerry you are one helluva piece of work. I've talked to you before about those "black sox'
Nothing turns a woman off more than a man in shorts, black sox and I don't care how big your feet are.. !!! LOL L OL !!!!! Me