Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 Ways to Find Me!

   I am still learning about this computer world.  I am thinking so much of it must be automated, machines working all night long to categorize stuff and put them in their proper columns.  When I finish a blog, at the very end, it asks me for "key words" and I never know what to say?  It may not be necessary to say anything, someone else is doing it for me.  Maybe a machine at night?
   So, this morning I was looking at the statistics section of my blog.  I do that from time to time just to learn my geography if nothing else.  Then I came across the "keywords" section and realized there are a hundred ways to find me!
   You can "Google" "Mandarin Stuffing" and it will direct you to me!  Yes, I once talked about it.  It is a pretty darned good turkey stuffing, and there it is on the Internet...forever?
   There are over a hundred "keywords" that will direct you to me and some are pretty obscure.
   "retirement golf" is a funny one because I have never played a game of golf in my life and I think I mentioned that once.
   "entering the Art World". I suspect there are a million postings in this section but somewhere in there is me!
  "tomatoes", well, that one doesn't surprise me at all.  I consider myself an expert it that field!
  "50 words for snow" I once talked about my first girl friend who could ramble away in six different languages but found no word for love.
   "hang art" is a funny one.  It is the name on my blog but someone "googled" it to discover how to put a nail in the wall.
   There are so many more, like a hundred of them.  I realize why people have to be careful on the computer, be careful of what you might say!  It will be categorized and summed up into one "keyword".
   What is your experience?  What is a strange "keyword" that might get me to you?

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T.D.K. said...

A strange keyword that might get you to me. Perhaps "Odd". Keywords are cool, I have accidentally come across myself by using them. Wonder if that means I need more keywords? Great post.

AutumnLeaves said...

I have no keywords. All over the board?? LOL