Tuesday, August 30, 2011


   I don't paint landscapes or portraits simply because I can't.  Oh, I might be able to if I took a class or studied this art, applied myself, practised!  That is how I learned to weld.  2,000 hours and anybody can do it.  I don't want to paint that way with little details to drive me mad.
   But I like to paint.  I like the clash of colors, effects of shadows.  I like the discovery to painting.
 This is the image, a photograph of a morning sunrise over Puget Sound.
   To me, it is not like a camera with its image being developed.  It is a birth process and I don't know what it will be.
   The photo on the right somehow got embossed into my brain.  This beautiful scene is where I enjoyed my morning coffee on my visit to my cousin in Washington.
   Blue and purple, yellow and orange, reds, all reflected into the water.  Pretty amazing.

So I began with this!
   Somehow these effects, the colors, depth, shadows, expanse, textures, the combination of it all stays with you.

Remember I have lots of oil paint and over 200 brushes from a garage sale?  Well I got them out and these were my first experiments with oil paint.
I would never have believed a sky could look like this if I hadn't seen it myself!

 Just Playing with Paint
...And then I started playing!  I have one more to show you but somehow these images are screwed up and I have lost the ability to control their size or where they appear!  So, maybe tomorrow?


SooZeQue said...

Looking good Jerry ~ Yes, the colors I've witness in sunsets are sometimes unreal & hard to believe they are for real. Someday I'll try oil, but so far they just sit in a box.

freebird said...

You sure got the feel of the sunset down! I like the other landscape too. Both very abstract. I have painted a landscape abstractly in acrylic to which my sister pointed out I need mountains to make it look right so it sits till I know what to do with it.

AutumnLeaves said...

Your paintings are truly spectacular, Jerry. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

stonepost said...

hahahaha! Autumnleaves, you are so kind to me!!!!