Friday, August 12, 2011


I had my first bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich yesterday and there is no finer meal.  The season is late this year, about a full month late, but I have had my eye on a particular tomato for this past week.
   Most produce from my garden is picked in the early morning hours, before the heat from the sun and while still crisp from the cool of the night.  Not the perfect tomato.  A midday picking after the fruit has been warmed through, kissed and loved by the sun is best.
   My plants are vibrant now, tall and green and proudly displaying their gifts to me.  The tomatoes are getting big, some turning a bit of color, offering a hint of a bountiful crop.  You can't buy these tomatoes.  There is no relationship between store bought and what can be grown in the home garden.  I have 27 plants, nine varieties, mostly heirloom, some black, some purple, stripped, yellow and red.  Each has its own distinct flavor, subtle or dramatic and you can smell them from 20 feet away.
   I have told you I like to dry them and if the season continues to be good ALL of you can expect a gift of dried tomatoes from me this year!  That's is the advantage of not having too many "followers"!

"Cherokee Purple"
   What I can't send you is a fresh tomato sandwich.  Just a simple one with a slice of cheese and a huge slice of tomato or the "complete meal", the BLT! or maybe a hamburger where the tomato slice is bigger than the hamburger itself?  I wish I could describe this better!  It is a burst of flavor like you wouldn't believe.
   I was so intent on making and eating this sandwich that I forgot the camera!  I forgot to take a picture of it.  But this is just the beginning!  There will be many more and other things to make.  I will keep you posted and if you should ever be near, please stop and visit and you can taste these for yourself.

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T.D.K. said...

I wish I could stop by and taste one for myself. They sound wonderful, I can't remember the last time I had a good tomato, the ones you get in the store just aren't the same. I tried growing some one year but they tasted the same, found out later it's because the seeds they sell are from the same tasteless genetically altered excuse for a tomato they sell in the stores. Sounds like you grow the old fashioned tomatoes that are so hard to find these days. Do you harvest the seeds? I bet you could get some buyers should you decide to sell those seeds.

Barbra Joan said...

OHHH Jerry, the perfect tomato man. The way you describe them .. I love it.. yes ok I'll stop by for a BLT , it's MY favorite sandwich too, go figure,
I'm so happy that your finally enthused about your tomatoes.. I thought we'd never hear the end of your whining about the damn weather and the tomatoes... lol hugs, BJ

freebird said...

They sound delicious! Having a garden that really produces is one hedge against the economy. Those tomatoes could be worth more than your stock. They are worth more than mine!

Clipped Wings said...

Oh, to stop by and taste...that would be fabulous. If only I could sprout wings ;)

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh to have had that BLT for myself! One of my favorite sandwiches ever and one I rarely have. I gave up making bacon at home for two reasons: the cost of bacon, and the greasy splatter.

SooZeQue said...

What the @#&^??? You've never had a BLT??? Where have you been that you've never tried on? You've been missin' out. Glad you've finally experienced one. Now go try one of my favorites from when I was a little girl..... Pnut Butter, Miracle Whip and Lettace (crunchy lettace). YUM!!

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

If I could, I would!