Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Create My Own World

The World is nuts around me.  There is some airline issue in Congress over 16 Million Dollars that is costing 25 Million Dollars a day to resolve, causing 70,000 people to be laid off, putting danger to the airline industry and its passengers.  Congress is on vacation and the bill will be over a Billion Dollars upon their return! This is so disgusting I don't even look into the details.
   I have my little 1/3 acre almost in the center of town and hide out here in a world of my own.
 Creating a New Entry to my Garden
   Today I will invite you to join me!

This was my Spring Project, creating a new Entry to my garden.  For years I had railroad ties as the border to my garden because they worked and it was all I could afford.
They are not good for the garden.  They leak creosote and after 20 years were pretty much rotting away.

I have made a hundred changes to my property in the forty years I've lived here. Some little and some big.  This Spring I made permanent concrete borders to my garden.

This next photo was taken yesterday of the same area.
The flowers like this new entry and the green beans
are growing up the new fence section.

There are two separate gates into my garden, a main gate
with an arch and a huge Trumpet Vine and on the
far left side a smaller gate.

 Lots of flowers at the Garden Entry

 Two more weeks and I will post another photo!
Everything is behind schedule this year.  We had a wet, cold Spring and the garden is just now playing "catch-up".  In about two weeks this Trumpet Vine Entry will be at its best with hundreds of deeply orange flowers which will last until October.  I picked my first tomato!  So there is hope.  Zucchini, of course, grows no matter what and I have been eating cucumbers and lots more from my garden!

 My Other Garden Entry
and this is my other garden Entry.  I have two because I like to build gates and I don't want people to feel trapped. If you should ever visit me there is always a way out.
More  of my Garden is always HERE


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I thank you so much for inviting me into that beautiful garden... It's a paradise, and I'm so glad that it's finally catching up . I know you were dissapointed that things were going slow because of the weather..
One more thing, I would need no way out if I were in there.. I'd never leave. BJ

T.D.K. said...

Beautiful, everyone should have their own space to escape the craziness of the world around us. You have built a great one. How was the tomato by the way? I wish I could find a tomato like the ones that were around before they modified them.

Clipped Wings said...

I like hiding out in your gardens. Very peaceful, and such good company.

AutumnLeaves said...

Well, Jer, you can come create my own little world any time you are of a mind. Your's is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

StonePost, as with all of your projects, your entry is delightful. Looking at your garden fills me with joy. It is bright and beautiful!