Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dealing in Death

Well, Georgia executed Troy Davis last night and not to be outdone, Texas executed some despicable piece of trash also.  No big deal in Texas, they do this all the time.  Some of these convicted felons are the lowest trash on this Earth and after all, we are not an endangered species, so why should we give a rip?
   Troy Davis was an interesting case, especially if you take the emotion out of it and read the story as a detective novel.  It is difficult to remove emotion.  An off duty police officer, a hard working veteran doing two jobs, a young father of two small children tries to break up a fight in a parking lot.  He is the good guy, doing the right thing and some drug crazed hopped up hateful idiot shoots him.  Twice! Once in the face!
A black guy in the deep South of Georgia, a Southern State with the lowest Police Standards of any State in the Union.
   I don't really know all of the "facts" in this case except that there weren't any.  We have all watched enough CSI on television to want some kind of evidence, some forensic evidence, at least a fingerprint, maybe? DNA?
   Seven "witnesses" have recanted their stories.  Some have said that they were not even there!  That should be a story in itself, huh?  In today's standards of courtroom proceedures, rules of evidence and so forth, Troy would have walked.  O.J. Simpson did.  Lots of other's have.
   I am against the death penalty but there are certain human beings, well, maybe they are human, that I find so disgusting, people who have done such horrible, evil things, that I could easily kill them myself.  I don't do it because I don't want to be like them!  I don't want to be ruled by my anger and anger or self defence is the only understandable reason to kill.
    China still kills people under certain circumstances.  Maybe they were bad guys?  Murderers? Stole something? Said the wrong thing at the wrong time?  Someone didn't like them?  They kill people without much evidence.  No forensics, no DNA, no reliable witnessess.  They do it because they can.
   We are the only "Civilized" Country with a death penalty and I wonder what that means?  What could that possibally say about us?  "Might makes right" is all I can think of.
   We do have laws, you can't kill people over the weekend.  It takes time, appeals, proceedures.  It takes a lot of money.  It is far less expensive to lock someone up forever than it is to kill them.  I am against the death penalty because it is cheaper!  It took over twenty years to kill Troy Davis, and a lot of money.  I think we killed him because we got tired of it all.  Just another thing to fret about.  Tired of reading about that story.
Killed out of boredom!  Lots of reasons to kill people.
   He may have done it.  Maybe he didn't?  What is there about us that we would like to have put him in a bear pit and watch the animals tear him apart?  Maybe sell popcorn?  Happily count the hours that he was strapped to the gurney?  I don't know.  That is the dark side.  Maybe the same side as the guy who shot the police officer in the face?
   I do know innocent people have been killed.  We have executed people who have committed no crime.
Interesting how we reduce this to a math equation with certain variables, acceptable margins for error.


AutumnLeaves said...

I am a proponent of the death penalty. Murderers, child molesters in particular. That said, it would kill me to know that a truly innocent person was put to death in error. Sadly, it does happen.

freebird said...

I am against the death penalty. I figure it's possible in our day and age to put someone away for life, truly, and some people should be. I figure that gives them time to realize they did wrong and hopefully regret it. Also, someone who is innocent but convicted could live to find that out!

This guy had too many witnesses recant and without any other evidence I can't believe he was put to death. The family of the victim seems happy about putting this whole thing to rest finally - but what if everyone is wrong and now two innocent people are dead? Oh, justice is served that way all right. I don't believe one death equals another. Each person is unique and his/her death is also. It's a shame he didn't get a new trial.