Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Progress

I am working on Chapter Five and have made it out of Florence, fifty miles or so up the coast to Yachats, a fun little coastal community of only 700.   It is where I had a serious bar room fight and I might tell that story!  I still have 200 miles to go for Astoria and discover what Rebbeecca's coastal cabin is all about.
By chapter Five if this were a really good book, three people would be dead by now and I would have gotten laid at least a couple times!  Ha! that would turn this totally into fantacy and I am keeping just an element of truth to it.  So that might not happen for the entire book, although it is not finished by a long shot.  Plenty of time for that.
   I am finding it extremely easy to find episodes of self destruction, how we destroy our own nests, how we are the evil that is set upon us.  It will be difficult to limit and focus this story.  We complain about China and head to Walmart.  I recently read that polyesters and other man-made fabrics are in the food chain, everywhere, all over the world.  These are tiny particals that can't be filtered out and a little goes to the ocean with each wash of clothes!  Fish eat them.  We eat the fish.  You are what you eat. Plastic man!  We can say how horrible this is.  We know it is going to kill us.  Probably causes cancer.  The liver and kidneys were not designed for plastic.  The solution is simple but somehow deep inside we want that "little black dress" or nylon undies or whatever and we keep buying them, keep washing them and flushing the remains to the ocean.  Pretty stupid, especially when there are alternatives.  Cotton.  And if we didn't have such a horrible fear of hippies, there is hemp.  Besides smokable it is probably one of the most useful plants on the planet, growing in one season to over 10' tall.  You can make ropes out of it and soft hemp underware!
   We are confused so easily, distracted and manipulated by innocent sounding television advertizing.Vote for clean energy and American independence from foreign oil.  That sounds so good but I wonder what it really means?  We will risk the Gulf of Mexico, the beautiful waters from the Carrabean to Mexico, along our own Gulf Coast for a gallon of gas.  Somehow we are under the impression that this planet can be used and used up and we are doing our damnedest to get the job done.
   I don't know.  It is easy to make a story about it all.  Greed, destructioin, power.  What is strange is that the more we do this the less powerful we feel.  It is an addiction, has all the same qualities that destroyed Whitney Houston and others.  We don't feel good and think more will make it all better!
   I really believe that you get anything you want in life.  You have to want it bad enough, appretiate it and work towards it, but it is there for the taking, a gift. I don't think it is complicated and think one should have fun in life, just clean up your mess so others can do the same.  "Ride it like you stole it"!
   I am having a great time writing these chapters and posting them on my other site and then I can analyse them here, let you know what I was really thinking!  Like 2 stories in one! A bonus! 


CrimsonLeaves said...

Yeesh Jer. Smokable clothing? You never could catch on. LOL I don't mean to make light. Honestly, I think it is laziness and instant gratification that keeps these unhealthy products flowing out to consumers. Our laziness and need for instant gratification. Not too many of us stop to analyze the products we are buying or even notice where something is made. It isn't something we were taught to do growing up so it doesn't always occur to us when out shopping. Sad statement, yes? But now that you mention it, I do tend to gravitate to cotton pieces. I think they just have a prettier look to them and feel better on the skin. I'm thanking my lucky stars that I don't care for seafood so don't eat it. I'm sure that what I do eat is filled with just as bad stuff though. Hormones and steroids, bleach to kill germs, what have you. These are the types of things that make me wish I lived in an earlier time before all these things were brought into being. But I'd want to live out west on a ranch...yes, that would be good...!

stonepost said...

Thank you Sherry, sometimes I think you might be by only reader!Would sex help? or a lot of people killing people? or just stay in la la land and be happy? Then we wouldn't know how we got here, would we? Or what we could discover if we had a mind to, if we could get out of the rut and do something different? Be something different! Maybe that is what this book could be about? Read on many different levels.