Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working on Chapter 4

   I have finished a metal sign from copper and strainless steel thqat I made in trade with my bookkeeper,
my bookie as I call her! Tax season is here and we all hate that.  It would be nice to be in that very top bracket and just pay 14%!!! I keep buying lottery tickets!
   My "Book" is moving along. I am still on chapter 4 and it will be a little longer. I am driving now in telling this story and have made it just 50 miles to Florence, Oregon.  I had to tell you of our trees and mountains, old lumber mills and what Oregon "used to be". I used up my allotted 800 words in the first 50 miles and I still have 200 to go. I want this chapter 4 to get us all the way to Astoria wherewe will find the house, I think, or at least some of it.?? I don't know yet.
   I am finding this a fun process and although I don't know where it will lead or what we will discover along the way, I amn thinking about it a lot of the time. Often.  Most of the time, I even dream about it.
Pretty cool actually, to take a simple theme (someone is going to steal something!) and weave it into your personal philosophy, childhood memories, newspaper accounts, what's happening in the real world, imagined or not and make a story out of it.  I'll get to where I am going or at least somewhere
I could stop for the night and post chapter 4 tomorrow!  I actually have a lot of Florence stories so maybe we will just hang out here for a bit.  I am retired and can do that.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

I'm sure enjoying the ride, Jer. Keep up the good work!