Saturday, June 23, 2012

It Is Raining...

It Is Pouring, actually with thunder and coming down in torrents.  It is not good for my garden.  I watered just yesterday, a day full of sun and promise, then, fickle like a school girl, the weather changes and now all is wet.  I think the rain went all the way to New Mexico and put the fires out.  That is what I hear, soggy ashes, flash floods and no longer a fire.  Nature at its best, putting fires out and at its worst, drowning my tomatoes.
Some people pray for rain and other's for no more rain and at some point all prayers are answered.  Too late for a single tree and plenty of time to save a forest.  Sometimes.  I wonder how it all works?
   Do you listen to speeches?  I do and wonder about them too.  It is coming down to two philosophies, each side admits that there is a problem.  Reagan economics was a top down trickle theory and for awhile it worked pretty well.  It is the credo of the capitalists saying wealth generates wealth and as the rich spend it, it trickles down and other's reap the benefits of those spending money.  That sort of worked until they quit spending money in our town!  When they began outsourcing, sending the jobs overseas and then putting their money in off shore accounts, the trickle down went elsewhere and the well here at home dried up completely.
   I am not sure that trickle down ever really worked.  The "other philosophy" is expanding the economy from the middle out.  As a percentage of the population the United States used to have the largest middle class in the world.  Our middle class has lost 40% of its wealth in the last 20 years.  What are we doing to get it back?  It seems to me that we are zeroing in on those "just above us" on the pay scale.  Instead of increasing our position we want to strip those just  above us of theirs.  We go after the Union Workers, we go after those with pensions and health benefits, we go after Government workers.  We are like pirhanna in a fish tank and are eating each other!
   Is no one analyzing how we became "Middle Class" in the first place?  How a raise in Union wages could increase everyone's wages?  The role of Government in building our roads, bridges and infrastructure?
We will not get back on track by stealing money from someone else.  That never works.  Eventually they will run out of money to steal.  But there are things we could do.  It is embarrassing and stupid that China has a better railway system than we do, that we have allowed our bridges to fall down and the roads to deteriorate , that we rely on a sewer system that in some cases is over 100 years old.  Our infrastructure is falling apart and there has never been as good a time as now to repair it.  Money has never been cheaper to borrow.  We have the workers.  We need the jobs.  That is something that would trickle down!  God forbid if our Congress did anything to make our President look good!  We are willing to destroy America, anything it seems, to make his job as difficult as possible.  Why can't we all just get along?


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, any more rain out there and you will be drowning.. I love the northwest, but hey I need the sunshine.. although today it is raining even in Florida.. feel better now?
You know we can't talk politics, we never could, so I say Jerry for President!
You have the answers, how come no one else does?
Because it's not about us .. It's about THEM ! ALL of them, no matter which side your on.. It's the power obsession, the greed that the politicians who get all those perks,, living the best, eating the best, vacationing the best .
They're treated like who the hell they are .. and their families too.. What do you think it's all about J,? come on..
I said I wasn't going to talk politics, because all politicians are in there for only one reason.. they love it ..where else would they have the life they have?
I believe they start out with some good intentions, and somewhere, somehow they lose sight of that and are not in our world anymore. They live a different life and pretty soon it all becomes foggy as to why they got in there in the first place. On second thought .. DON'T run for Prez, your way too nice. BJ

stonepost said...

Ha ha, you are probably absolutely right, Barbra!!! Throw the bums out!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I am with BJ, 100%.

I wish we would get some rain here. Way below average rainfall this year so far. I love rain, thunder, lightening, darkness and wind. As long as no one gets hurt.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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