Sunday, June 3, 2012


2 posts today!  I found some great old growth fir in my shop and made the bench covering with that.  It is looking bad that all of my easels are photographed with the same canvas, but it is a nice size, five feet tall and thirty inches wide.  I took this bench easel outside to take some photos and see how it works.  I love it.  It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles, the cup and brush holders nor a place for paper towels, but it is strong, steady and comfortable!  One more for my show room/studio.  It is getting crowded!

   Now what will I do?


CrimsonLeaves said...

So perfect, Jer! I love that there is a seat attached. I hadn't noticed that earlier. I hope you make use of all your easels when you next begin a new painting. I think this one is my favorite. And I love that I could inspire anyone in their creativity. So thank you too.

stonepost said...

Sometimes inspiration can be found in the simplest conversations. You just have to hunt for it and be ready when it comes. I call this my "Sherry Model"! thanks!

Barbra Joan said...

Your amazing what you do with those hands that you say 'don't work right' and are in pain.
Now some new paintings for them.

stonepost said...

Well, they don't work 'right', think of what I could do if they did!
I am not a painter...yet, but I will have the tools if I get the notion! thanks, Barbra!

SooZeQue said...

That's a serious easel! Nice Job and truly a great large piece. I've never painted anything that large... well except the house. I can see you now sitting there painting... maybe some tomatoes next time??