Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Truck Load

When I am on a roll I can churn this art stuff out.  I am making one piece a day for this upcoming event:
Art in the Vineyard Show.  I will be in a particular section called "Art in the Garden", about an acre roped off and tended by volunteers.  I don't have to be there during the whole show.
   It is funny, being a welder-painter!  When I thought of "Art in the Garden" my mind just immediately thought of easels and painting!  I am also an avid gardener so it was no great leap for me to create an easel that the plants would like, that could also be a trellis.  I have a lot of iron work in my garden, big stuff and arches for the Trumpet Vine Entry, three gates to enter the garden at differing points, trellis's for the peas and beans and my tomato cages are all steel and creatures of their own.  I also have a lot of pedestals and little tables in my garden.  I grow my cucumbers up and around them, have a place to put my morning coffee and a place to chop off the heads of the carrots!  I don't have a flat garden that is all there is to it.
   So that is what I am making:  Easel/Trellis's, little pedestals and tables and a couple small benches for just one person.  There is a simple reason I won't make bigger benches even though I know they would sell.  I have lost my helper.  He is a wildland fire fighter and is off to New Mexico fighting the "Bear Mountain Fire",
already bigger than last year's fire which was the largest ever!  It is going to be a long hot summer!
   Except in Western Oregon!  We are about as mild as we have ever been with June being one of the wettest after a dry and promising May.  Crazy, almost coastal weather, low 60's and a bit of rain every day.

My garden is hating it.


SooZeQue said...

You're certainly are on a roll! Wish I was. I hope you have help carrying all that heavy stuff! Enjoy all those creative juices that are over flowing.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Jerry, your pieces are the most unique I've ever seen. I love that! Wish I could go to the show. I know I'd come away with something from you. How exciting! Love that top piece and the marble topped table with the vertical band on the left. Just stunning.