Sunday, June 3, 2012

There Are Over 700...

Easels on eBay.  From little table models to the big 'H' frame Studio Easels and lots and lots of aluminum framed, light weight tripodal ones that fold up and  come in a case.  I found two really nice Victorian models among the bunch and none that excited me.  It struck me as odd to discover these tools of artists and realize how plain they were.  I can imagine simple could be good if they were strong and well built but these were all Chinese Knock offs, all pretty much the same and nothing to be proud of.  Where did we get the notion of who could build the lightest, cheapest, flimsiest easel?  I realize that there may be times an artist might want a traveling easel but as a major piece of furniture in the studio?  There really should be more to choose from.
   When I began welding years ago I made hundreds of trellis's, different sizes and styles, shapes and purposes. I began by going to the local garden supply places and garden art nurseries to see what they had.  They all had the same stuff, as if their buyers all stopped for lunch at the same time at the same show and bought together to get the best deal.  These were import trellis's, the kind that fit into a plain cardboard box and they couldn't support themselves let alone a vigorous vine attempting to grow up their sides.  I am thinking the easel makers are the same manufacturers.  It is the same stuff built to the same standards.
   There are always flaws with prototypes but I am on a roll now.  My little studio is jam packed and my easels spread out into my garden.  My beans will learn to paint soon.  I seem to be dreaming easels, big, small, tall and, thanks to Sherry, FLAT!  Crimson Leaves tells me she paints flat and sometimes I do too.  Why couldn't I make an easel that had the proper vertical angle but could easily tip and lock into a horizontal position?

Wouldn't that be cool?  This would be easy to do for a 12 inch by 12 inch canvas but I am thinking "Artist" here, something Big, something Grand!  My latest invention in the easel world will easily hold a five feet tall painting and gently lay it flat and lock into position!
   I'll finish it soon and get it into the garden to get some better pictures but you can get the idea from these taken in my shop.  The circular steel rim will be a frame for the seat.  I will find some exotic hardwood for this.  I am getting older and the idea of sitting down while painting is becoming more attractive to me.  In its normal position the canvas is in front of the little bench which is attached to the easel, but for display the canvas can be turned 90 degrees, placing the bench to the left of the painting.
   This is not a knock down foldable comes in a package type of easel.  It would be more like shipping a motorcycle but people do that, don't they?  I don't know what the limit is, what boundary that can't be crossed.  I once on a lark took a three thousand dollar trellis to a Home Show and sold it Three Times!
   I am having fun and that is the main thing!  I can always make my studio/showroom Bigger!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Wow, now that is a cool idea, Jerry! I'd be really surprised if you couldn't sell some of those. I wonder how much it would cost to ship one? I love the design elements you add to your pieces that bring both function and beauty!

CrimsonLeaves said...

P. S. When I was taking a watercolor painting class while a student at PLU, my instructor had us stretch out paper on a board. Then we sat at the tables with the bottom of the board on our laps and the top leaned back up against the table. That was a great way to paint so to have the easel adjust to a slant is honestly perfection in my eyes.

stonepost said...

Thank you Sherry for giving me the ideas!!!