Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drop Outs!

Well, how fun all this blogging is! and you learn that people from all over the world are no different than ourselves! Ruby (I will soon learn to link I promise!) tells me she dropped out of High School, so did Ralph (our guru glue who holds these blogs together!) and me too! There must be others and I would bet there is a book here! I have never written a book but for some reason I often hunt for story lines. What is happening in the world that is not being told? Is there a connection to dropping out of school, not quite "fitting in" and becoming an artist?
Clearly we have all developed skills but what are we trying to say? Maybe it is just an affirmative thing, "I am different and it is okay!" But if you were a "dropout" I would love to know why?


Ruby said...

Ha Ha. Here we are. I was a dropout because I got caught playing 'hookey'... skipping school every Wednesday and Friday afternoon for two and a half years. My grandmother called to warn me and I knew I could not got home unless I had a job. So that day I applied for a job at Household Finance and got it.

So mid Grade 11 I left school. But it was different 55 years ago. When you applied for a job the usual question was "what makes you think you can do this job".
Not, where is your certification, what degree do you have.
If you had 'half a brain', were willing to learn and determined you could usually get a job. Well, let's face it .... there was no such thing as 'drop out' insurance such as today with student welfare, and all the varied and sundried welfares available today.
You went to work, and you worked, that was the bottom line.
Throught my work years I had many exciting postions from copywriter, tv station promotion writer, organizing and co-starring in a tv show, and the list continues. Simply because I said I could, and did.
Wouldn't have got a foot in the door today without a journalism degree.
'Dropping out' 50 years ago led to exciting challenges and ever changing and successful careers!

Barbra Joan said...

Yes Jerry, I too was a dropout at 16.. I did go on to get my High School Diploma through a GED many years later.
For me it was my family leaving one state.. NY and moving to another.. NJ .. somehow "I was different" city girl back then moving to a rural area of another state.
I skipped a lot, Dad (the welder) found out and I just said 'NOt going back "
He should have given me a swift kick but no, he gave me my way. Back then even at only 16 I was able to get a job in the local bank.. IMagine that!
I wanted to paint, be on the stage, write, anything creative.
Well, what I've done since then could fill a book myself .. so I'll just leave it at that. .. for now.. Glad to see your bloggin'

stonepost said...

Wow, isn't this an interesting topic! What was to be my Senior Year in High School my parents chose to get a divorce! I was to choose which I wanted to live with for that year! Yeah, right! This was 1965 and I chose neither! Opportunities abounded in those days, the world, except for Vietnam was safer and there was lots a yound lad could do. I "dropped out" and began the first of several adventures to Europe! I had $1,100 in the bank from a forced savings account from childhood. That was a fortune, I could have bought a brand new car!
I bought a train ticket on the Trans-Canada train line from Vancouver to Montreal, a beautiful trip in itself! From there I bought
a ticket on the SS Rotterdam, the last of the trans Atlantic Steam Ships. The train ticket costme $88 and the Ship to Rotterdam costme $225. I had left over about $800 and spent Six months in Europe! When I was down to my last $200 I came home. Lots of adventures in my youth and I learned a lot about people and myself!

Barbra Joan said...

Well Jerry , you saw the world on $1100, can't top that one..! Love it. You couldn't go to DisneyWorld for that today.!

stonepost said...

Thank you Barbra Joan, I think it is more a matter of youth than economics. Now I am older and want my coffee and a real bed, when I was younger I didn't care! All the more reason to travel while young!