Saturday, September 18, 2010


I kept this old blog just so I would have two I think. It is funny rereading these old posts, and seeing my idea, almost two years old now. I didn't follow through with my idea of hanging art all over town but someone caught it and now there is art everywhere! There are no bare walls in most of the local business now and artists have a variety of places to show and rotate their art!
Galleries probably don't like this concept because most businesses don't even charge a commission. They like rotating art in their shops!
The other reason I kept this site is that in the first blog there is a link to EIGHT of my websites,
mostly all connected to my love of metal art. It takes some time but if you ever get bored you can travel through them and get a lot of ideas for your gardens and outdoor spaces.

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Ruby said...

Hi Jerry. See you commented on by log. Thank you.
Like you and Ralph, I too was a high school drop out ... returned to school in my 40's after successfully writing a mature student examination.
Fun, going back to school with students half my age. They were nothing but wonderful!
I have long admired your copper and steel art on so love what you do.
Now that I have found this blog will have to check more often.
So glad your health has improved, what great news that is!