Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Garden Party

So, just a little more about my garden party. The recession we are in hurts all artists and we have to constantly look for new ways to expose our art to the public. For me this garden art walk was an incredible way to meet a lot of new people and I had a captive audience. They came to me and saw my studio, the tools of my trade, my beautiful garden and the art pieces I had all over the place. Far more than I had ever put into a gallery. Reminds me of the baseball diamond, "if you build it they will come"! And they did! Local television and radio people, lots of photographers and someone who is writing a book on outdoor structures, rich people, poor people and curious people. and Edwin Root with his guitars (he is googleable!) and Jimmy Torres (who knew he lives in Eugene!) just shows up! The music in the garden was special and captivating in itself. The reason I am telling this story is when you have trouble getting your work into a gallery you can create a gallery in your own environment and bring the people to you!

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rama said...

Exactly I totally agree with you, and you have such lovely flowers.