Monday, September 27, 2010

Garden Party!

Last summer my garden was featured on a Garden Art Walk. I live in center of a small town in the middle of Oregon, on one third acre which I share with my house, my studio, my wife, one dog, one cat, a lot of squirrels and the rest is all garden, my famous tomatoes and about a bazillion flowers. This was an opportunity to show off and I had my metal art pieces scattered
all over the place. But I wanted this to be fun. I found a stainless steel sheet about four feet by three feet and framed it in steel and set it up on an easel for all to paint on while there! 152 people showed up! each contributing $10 to the local art society! and all of them added to this painting! A friend of mine who makes wonderful hand-crafted guitars (I'll show them to you tomorrow) showed up with five guitars, and Jimmy Torres (google his name, please!) showed up! I had never heard of him! Turns out he is famous! Wrote the song, "Sugar Shack" and some others. He stayed for five hours and kept these garden artwalkers here for most of that time!
What was supposed to be a fifeteen minute tour became an all day adventure, and I will tell you more about it tomorrow!

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Barbra Joan said...

Love all this 'artsy stuff' and Sugar Shack ,, yes I know the song all to well...