Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ladies' Club?

I have been told that this blogging world is a ladies' club, that we are interested in "niceties" and tea, luncheons and grandchildren.  I don't believe it is that limited, a place where the women talk in the kitchen and men are drinking their brandy by the fire, talking "serious stuff", concerns of the day, political things and "men talk."
   I don't belong to any "political blogs", only this one and I follow my followers and occasionally reach out and drag another into this discussion.  I don't think of women as the kitchen staff, unread, without an opinion,
and tied to the stove, only allowed to talk of cooking, sewing and children.
   We all enter a conversation from some vantage point.  We can read the very same book but we never leave our experience.  Our point of view filters what we see and this is what makes life interesting.  If we all got the same thing from the same experience, well then life would be pretty dull.  The best conversations are not with people who agree with every thought we have.  Sometimes, in disagreement, we can even discover that our experience was limiting, somehow blocking what everyone else could see clearly!  The idea behind a discussion is to allow another your experience because in this life you only have time to digest your own.
   I choose this blog to express my views because mostly I am an artist and it is this artist's view that I bring to the table.  If we ever me an extraterrestrial, who would you want to represent us? A math genius or scientist?  A politician? Maybe a poet?  How about a mother?  Well, that's my point exactly.  Women have a unique view into this history of mankind and it is not limited to sewing!  In fact, sewing has been a terrific inspiration!  Do you realize that it was women with their sewing, working with cloth, designs on pottery and their own spiritual quest that created Abstract Art?  Yes, it is true.
    I enter the conversation as an artist and a cook.  I think some of the best art in the world is meant to be eaten.  Surrounded by good smells and designs on the pottery.  There is a conversation here that has been largely ignored, given over to the men by the fireplace having their drinks.
    Sometimes conversations become political and it is safer to make bread, wear a burka, remain without an opinion, change the subject, be fearful of the secret police, worry about what people may think, leave that to the husband, or think we are powerless.  Or, even worse, think that is has nothing to do with us!
    I have a point of view.  I am reasonably well read and I am a welder.  I am fairly conservative, really I am!
Except for three years as a school teacher I have been self-employed all my life.  I am a businessman.  Most of my life I have had employees, as many as fifteen people working for me.  Over the years I have been to every single one of their homes, seen their children grow, eaten their food, seen them cry, helped them find laughter, encouraged them in their journeys.  The better they became, the better we worked as a team.
    I have a point of view.  I have two daughters.  In some ways the world is better for them and in some ways it is worse.  They are independent young women and I am so very proud of them.  They are "out of the kitchen", not barefoot and pregnant; they can vote, are free to express their opinion.  Both are world travellers, educated way beyond me and even have "good jobs".  They can have conversations in any room in the house.
    Yes, I could go to a political forum and probably argue my little heart out but that is not really who I am.
I am an artist, a welder, a gardener (Spring is coming and I will be talking about my garden soon!), a businessman, husband, father, friend, and I am comfortable in the kitchen and, on occasion, like to drag you into the fireplace room!
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Barbra Joan said...

I really wasn't going to comment on this blog publicy, but you have gotten me stirred up Jerry. Why? because when your blog is political I don't comment and in some ways I think this is aimed at me..
If you think no comments on your political issues mean that I am not interested nor do I care you couldn't be more wrong.. For one thing my ability to express my opinions on these issues is limited. The reasons are personal and not to be put here publicly.
I was involved in womens issues even before I knew what they were. I was a fighter for womans rights even before I knew what THEY were. Somehow when I was much younger , working in a large corporation as a lowely clerk in the room where all the original blueprints were kept, and being harrased because there were no such thing as sexual harassment suits back then.. but I damn well knew I didn't like it.. I damn well knew how to open my mouth and yes.. get fired.
The woman of today have time and good education on thier side . When I was their age, woman were not equal and yeah "We've come a long way, baby" ..don't be so hard on women of my age it's not that we think we belong in the kitchen.
. I don't even cook! not my job.!! but personally I have to leave the political debates to all of you who can express your feelings so eloquently. I just can't..

Anonymous said...
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AutumnLeaves said...

Boy...a snifter of brandy sounds rather divine right about now. Mayhaps I should wait until slightly later in the day than 9:00 a.m. though...

AutumnLeaves said...

And by the way...I am very conservative in my political opinions, believe in God, miss values from way back when, and most of my political views are based on gut and heart instincts, not points of fact, so since I can't always explain the whys I demur from putting them out there. I just know what I know what I know...

Kay said...

well Jerry seems you poked a few people here!!! which I think is humorous since I was reading along and agreeing with you. I am a dyed in the wool Liberal, women's rights proponent from a long line of them..but I like to hear other points of view..I can always learn.I do tend to you have experienced here!But really art is so much more interesting and fun. I like the fact of abstract art coming from the kitchen so to speak..have a great day!

Barbra Joan said...

You see? Autumn Leaves was able to present it better than I..
and where did all the men go?? ? so as we say here in South of the Mason Dixon line,,'" Well, shut mah mouth" .. Your a great guy Jerry, you love to stir up the pot.. and you do it so well. bj

stonepost said...

Okay, wow, I got burnt in the kitchen! And I am happy about that! Yes, I like to stir up the fire, sort of discovering who is alive out there! I will bet in reality, if "conservative" means to keep what you have, to value it, to conserve it, then I am more conservative than any of you!and if "liberal" means to allow other's in, to enlarge my circle instead of setting up barriers to prevent entry, well then, I may be more "liberal". Pamo, sounds GREAT but we are married!!! I remember so well my days of being a Jr. High School teacher when the kids were still polite but on the verge of independence. Twice, once a boy and once a girls, I remember them saying, "fuck you, Mr. Carlin!"
The politeness and formality to it was so funny I never had the heart to get them in trouble for it!
Okay, Pamo, thank you for the ideas, I will be talking about my daughters! At least a little bit!