Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We'll Talk Art Today!

 In the "old days" this would all be done on a forge out of solid
iron and weigh maybe 1,000 pounds.  Today it is hollow tube and wire-welded
and weighs less than 100 pounds.
 Walking up the stairs this is what you see!
 On my welding table
Iworked with wood for over 25 years before I ever saw a stick of metal.  I have done a lot with wood, from   building houses and apartments, to building furniture and chess tables. I came upon metal by accident about 15 years ago and "fell in love for the very first time."  You can do anything in metal, any shape, any length, whatever you can imagine.  It can be rough and heavy or smooth, like silk to the touch.

 Like Ocean Waves or maybe a river complete with bubbles!
I just finished this job, a little railing on top of a knee wall over-looking a stairwell.

There is another section to this that will be at the winery but they are not quite ready for me. When I install that one I'll post a photo of it.

You can see more of my work HERE!


Barbra Joan said...

Your metal work never ceases to amaze me.. I predict Your work will go down in history!! and it should!! Glad we're talkin' art today. It's the one thing in this crazy mixed -up world that I understand . bj

Barbra Joan said...

oh ok, I see nobody else wants to talk art... they'd rather argue... excuse me... debate!

Clipped Wings said...

Ha ha ha, Barbra Joan...I'm a little tired of debate, so art is good today. Love the metal work, Jerry, very beautiful.

Kay said...

you are amazing with metal!

Maundering mutterer said...

Exquisite! Such flowing lines! It makes me quite aquisitive - if I ever have stairs... maybe I should get a flight of those first?