Thursday, February 17, 2011

License to Create


 This little wing completes the upstairs balcony railing.

 Installed this lower section yesterday.  It has some glass
pieces and two solid brass bars, classical and modern.
 It is not often that any artist is "given license",
liberty to do what they want.  I had to comply with safety codes, the maximum gap being 4" so a child's head can't go through this railing, other than that it was "do whatever you like, Jerry".  This is so flattering and only comes with a huge amount of trust.
     I learned long ago that some elements just plain clash. I love contrast and even particular pieces that scream for attention but you have to be careful that they are not in battle with each other.
    This lower section, the first of the four sections, I did last because it is the most important piece to the total sculpture.  It is the first piece seen as you walk in the front door and I wanted it to be able to stand alone but also to force the eye up in curiosity, like,
"wow, what does the rest of this look like?"
   It is not always easy putting modern elements together with classical elements.  The histories do not mix well.  This piece contains the same circles as the other pieces but two are filled with glass.  It has the same two vertical bars but these in the lower section are solid brass.
     This railing sculpture will be hand lacquered and most will have a rust petina except for some highlighted elements which will be polished before the finish to highlight them.
   When the house is finished, the railings lacquered and the construction debris removed I will go back there and get the finished photos for you.  It should be pretty nice.
MORE of my work is HERE.


rama said...

These look really good. Safety of the child is very important, I also wonder how safe our railing will be if we ever have a grandchild, we would have to do something. But till such a time comes we can remain at peace with ourselves and our railing.

Kay said...

wow, Jerry..wonderful work.

AutumnLeaves said...

So beautiful, Jerry!

Chez said...

Jerry, love your work! Look forward to seeing it completed. Do you start from 'scratch' in your designs?
I have spent very little time online of late. Miss your posts.

Ralph said...

Wow what an impressive work Jerry. That is one artwork that will be around a long time after you and me. Marvellous.