Friday, February 4, 2011

No Fear!

 These are 5' tall, made in my backyard studio
and weigh about 150 pounds.
 Once you start playing with metal you soon realize that there
are no limits, no restrictions on what can be done.
     I think that is the trick to great art, new styles to copy and artists to remember. I developed an interest in welding out of necessity.  About 15 years ago I invented "stoneposts", my company name and the slate covered, concrete interrior light posts that are now found in five Western States and all over my town.  My customers were wanting ornamental iron work attached to these posts, gates and fencing and vines. The metal workers in my town worked on cars and trailers and could only produce a fence panel with vertical bars 4 inches apart. My posts need something more than that, more of something and I didn't even know what!
     I bought a lot of books.  Not "how to books," I could figure that out myself. Just design books showing what has been done throughout the centuries, all over the world.  I learned that design and art in steel was an essential element in the strength of the piece.  Beautiful strength and I was left with wondering why are we making "car lot fencing" when something great is available?
     Once you figure out the how to of welding it is addictive and probably not unlike any other art form.
 One piece of red!
And, like any other art form, the first step is you have to really want to do it.  It is like a fire under the skin.

Have no fear.  Yes, you can do anything with steel
but so many people are afraid to do anything different!  That is the downside of our "standardized" civilization.  We want what the neighbor's have and are reluctant to try something different.

You can see more of my work HERE.


Kay said...

your work is so beautiful. All the new subdivisions here have stucco beige houses with plastic fencing. I know they might not cost much but so ugly and non-functional!!! As I remind my husband when he is fixing a it for an elephant and that will be strong enough for the horses..or the neighbors sheep and cow! The other popular fencing is the molded concrete(?) panels..fake stone designs..ugh..

AutumnLeaves said...

If its different, Jer, then I am there! Your work is exquisite.

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I've told you how many times your work is unique. You have a wonderful talent for it .
And just think how long it will be here after we're all gone.

Chez said...

Not the first time I have put my hand up to be your neighbour. Simple yet elegant! You have been very successful in your marketing also Jerry. Well done!

SooZeQue said...

Right up my alley! These are awesome. I love stuff that aren't the norm and on every corner.