Thursday, February 3, 2011

When I Paint

 I paint on my welding table! Acrylics mostly and about 15
colors and very cheap paint brushes. They don't have to
be good, the only requirement is that I enjoy the process.
 Here I am playing. Some might call it developing
"technique" but I am really just having fun. Often
I will paint over my paintings several times, keep
doing it until I like the results. Here I am discovering
what a simple paint roller will do.  I often create a back-
ground first and then add a focal point.
 Paintings do not have to be "real", do not have to copy life or
do what a camera will do.  They can be fun, representative and playful.

Painting is therapy also and another way to express yourself.  It is a way to pass time and have something to show for it, something you did that day.

There is a little art in everything I do and you can see more of what I do here


SooZeQue said...

Yeah, I don't have to debate with you. :) I agree with everything you've said here. I'm trying to be more abstract, but it's hard. I'll have to try some acrylic on my steel and see what happens.

AutumnLeaves said...

Well, I sure think this is pretty, Jerry.

Ruby said...

These are wonderful Jerry. So happy and full of life!. You have a great eye for colour and colour combinations.
Love the vitality in these works .... hope they are permanent and not 'wipe aways'!

Chez said...

You have a good eye Jerry. Well done! Your creative brain works a treat...

Maundering mutterer said...

I like the red swirly one. It will be my book cover, when I write the book of course! Painting should definitely not be too 'photographic' for that, we have cameras!