Friday, October 14, 2011

Painting Station

The more I discover about painting the more I realize that there are some things I need. It was no different from the construction industry.  I needed tools and attachments, accessories,
bits and pieces and places to put them.  Organization and everything readily available.
   I don't paint in the same place each day.  I might move the easel about to catch the light, paint
inside or outside. There is always all of "the stuff" to move with me!  Paints, brushes, thinner, pallettes
and all the tools of the trade.
   I have also discovered that when I clean a brush I should leave it horizontal to dry so any liquid remaining won't drip into the ferrel and the fine fibers won't get mushed.
   So, I am inventing again!  Creating "painting stations", working places to put the tools and supplies I am using as the moment, all handy in one place.  So far I have three models and eventually wll make a "furniture grade" model.  One pretty enough to be in a living room!  I think the next one I make I will put on wheels.
 My latest model
Think strong and stable with steel but they are not heavy, maybe 20 pounds at the most.
   This one comfortably holds six vertical brushes and six horizontal, little cubicals to place tubes of paint and five
pallette areas as well as three cup holders and a bottom shelf.
 If there is not a market for these,
I like them!
It even comes with a towel bar for that handy rag!

I wonder whether anyone has ever done a show just for artists?  I might just keep making these until I get enough together for a proper presentation.  Might be a fun thing to do!

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Tiffiny said...

Wow, great idea. What's the old saying necessity is the mother of invention. You've taken a need and created something needed. Nice.