Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Price Wars

I had this dream last night where some hot Hollywood Starlet or it might have even been some young muscled actor was pitching "Made in USA".  Not Michael Jordon Shoes made in Thailand, not something from Martha Stewart made in a slave factory in some far off land, but  Hollywood Actors touting an American Product that we could have been proud of.  Dreams are fantasies, huh?
   Reality is the nightmare, the daylight where we confront ourselves and admit our addiction to cheap bobbles, shiny things and gadgets.  Phychologists don't do individual thearapy anymore the corporations have hired them all to induce us to buy.  Buying stuff is the key to our happiness, the reason for our existence, the sum of our value, where we find our identity.  Thank God for Walmart!
   THE Biggest Single Employer In The World!  You heard that right.  More people work for Walmart than any other corporation!  Maybe (I don't really know) more people work for Walmart than for the Government!  That is a cool thought, but a bit frightening.  I am sure they have spies but I wonder whether they have their own army?  Walmart Airforce?  I know they have shipping lines, maybe their own Navy?
I am sure they help establish National Adgendas, "policy", we will call it.  Always something to create a larger customer base and to control what we value in life.
   They know what we want.  Whatever it is we want it packaged nicely and mainly we want it cheap.
There is a movement afoot to get rid of "Government Regulations", scrap the Environmental Protection Laws,
go back to dumping the crap in the rivers and polluting the air so we can have stuff even cheaper!
Cheap is the answer because it is what we are after.  To heck with the Unions that gave us higher wages and made stuff cost more!  There is even a movement afoot to get rid of the minimum wage, bring factories back to America where we too can work for less and produce more, so we can have it cheaper.
   That is great.  I love a free country and I love cheap stuff.  Walmart is the best.  Their promise this year is not better, not quality, not valuable, certainly not American made.  It is cheaper!  If you can find it anywhere else, sold at any time, even last minute day before Christmas sales, Walmart will give you the difference.
Cash back for cheaper!  Such a deal.  Is life Grand or what?

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conservativelybohemian said...

Unfortunately life itself forces us to buy cheaper. You know what Jer? I think I have seen more than one commercial talking about buying American. I've seen emails going round too and possibly even a news story. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't even look at the tags to check it out. I need to correct that. Rather shameful of me.

Tiffiny said...

conservativelybohemian is right about life forcing us to by cheaper. Wages just aren't high enough these days compared to living expenses. So in many ways we have no choice when it comes to what we need. Although it's the things we don't need we have a choice on, we can choose not to buy at all.

But I know what you mean I miss the days when things you bought actually stood the test of time. They lasted and worked forever, you could also repair many things yourself. Probably why I love anything pre seventies. It was all just built better and most of it was made in the U.S.A.

Clipped Wings said...

I was raised on quality, and I find it almost impossible to bring myself to buy crap. I'm not rich, so I buy quality, but I buy a lot less. I've found I can live without quite a bit of stuff, that in my younger years I thought I really needed or just wanted.