Monday, October 17, 2011

Some I Understand and...

Some things I don't.  I don't understand what is the big deal about Bank of America?  So they want to charge us $5 dollars a month to use their debit cards, big deal.  That is a business decision that will either work or it won't.  It is not as if it were the only bank in town.  There are lots of others that don't charge anything.  We can move our banking pretty easily.  And then they will stop these charges or they won't.
Certainly if this is really successful and they get away with it then others will follow and all of the banks will do it.
   We do not need laws to control every aspect of human behavior.  It doesn't take an engineering degree to realize that imports are hurting our own job growth, that if we buy from China then we are not buying from us.  We still have the power of the purse.  You can vote with your wallet.  Can you even imagine what a one week boycot of Walmart would do?
   I wonder what would happen if Martha Stewart went on a "buy American" kick? Or maybe, the other way around and we went on a kick not to buy Martha's products?  Can you imagine matching towels in our bathrooms "made in America"?  Could be done.  We make them.
   The problem is really convenience and we are really lazy.  Walmart is easy and all of the stuff is in one place.  Maybe the internet can help?  We could "google" towels/American made and see what happens?
We could do that with every single purchase, every item, all the time.  Lots of companies are offering free shipping now and others, all you order for a seven dollar fee.
   Of course we want it instantly and we want it at the Mall.  It is the shopping experience, that day out and window shopping that we have been bred to like.  If you got rid of imports the Malls would be empty.
There are other places to shop though.  I have just discovered that Eugene, Oregon has the longest operating "farmer's market" in the United States!  There you can find tons of food, fresh from the farm, organic without pesticides and a lot of other stuff.  Clothes and jewelry, artisan stuff, even locally made shoes.  A fun place for Christmas shopping and all year long.  That is a way to vote.  Store bought or local and hand made.
   I don't really subscribe to the evils of corporate America although I know that they are there.  The evil is within us.  "We have met the enemy and he is us"!
   Can you go a week without buying something imported?  Could you go one day and only wear clothes that were American made?  You would probably be naked!
   It might be fun to start a movement.  How about an "American Christmas"?  Nothing imported under the tree.  I wonder....?

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Anonymous said...

Yeesh, Jer. HEAR HEAR!!! Well said.

stonepost said...

Thank you! It doesn't appear that my idea for an "American Christmas"
is winning very many votes! It is all pretty bad and we are just making it worse!

Ruby said...

Oh, I love your idea of an 'American Christmas'....only I will make mine a 'Canadian Christmas' althought I do not hesitate to buy 'made in U.S.A.'
Let me tell you though ... I do check labels on everything I purchase, however just because it says 'made in.....' does not necessarily mean 'made in'.
I may just be packaged 'in' America or Canada. Tricky!!!

I venture to the 'mall'....maybe once a year! And I know exactly what I want and where it is, how much it is .... I'm in and out under half hour.

Farmers' markets are quite evident in Southern Ontario; but our local market has changed also. The market was recently 'renovated'....what a shame. We now have stalls selling produce that is not produced locally. I've had to hunt for the trusted and true local farmers. Thank goodnes many of them were disgusted with the way the market had developed and the imported foods they found an outdoor location and have set a small 'locally' grown market. I do notice that at the renovated market 'quality' is not a measurement either. I don't understand why consumers want to purchase inferior products at the 'renovated' market when they could purchase fresh and superior for the locals.
However, there it you have it!
Wal-Mart, no, one thousand times no!!!!!!!
Don't know about you ... but I've already begun thinking Christmas.....looks like mine will be handmade this year .... all the miniatures I've been painting will be mailed to others; and hopefully brighten a 'made at home' Christmas day.

stonepost said...

Yeah, Ruby, so nice to hear from you! Made in Canada, that's great, an also "American", huh? We don't really have the exclusive on that!
That is THREE of us! Maybe it will be a good Christmas, after all.

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

Make it Four :-)