Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wall Street Protests

I wonder whether anyone listens to anything any more?  How Loud do we have to be?  The World is laughing at our political system, once admired and the envy of  all nations.  The Republicans have sworn an oath, not to do what is best for this country, but to thwart Obama at any cost.  Barely a year from another election, they will do nothing that might make him look good.  In fact, if they can blame it on our President, they will pull this country much further down this slippery slop we find ourselves on.  That is their plan.
   Rich people do Not pay their fair share of taxes.  They pay 15% after every slimy deduction while a working person pays closer to 35%  Over 60% of Americans think this isn't right and I suspect the other 40% just aren't thinking at all.
   The top 2% of Americans are getting richer and richer in these troubled times.  It is not hard working people who are buying newly foreclosed houses.  It is giant real estate corporations, the wealthy getting wealthier, taking advantage of tough times.  Corporations are not creating jobs; their net value has increased 15% as the rest of us suffer.  They are sitting on over One Trillion Dollars, cash reserves building up and up.
Living wages are disappearing and we are supposed to be grateful for $10 an hour with no benefits, no insurance.
   We don't feel as though we are "all in this together", fighting a common enemy, all willing to sacrifice equally, all willing to work harder to get us back to a firmer ground.  We don't feel this way because it is not this way.  It is some other way and we know it.
   Congress is so broken it is pathetic.  Conflicting goals:  destroy Obama or help America?  They have given up on attempting to achieve some kind of equal taxation where we might all pay the same rate.  They can't even get a bill through to tax money OVER A MILLION DOLLARS at a mere 5%.  That single thing alone would raise 450 Billion Dollars, the price tag on the Jobs Program to kick start our economy.
   It is nuts.  We are all at a card table and we are all playing different games!  No wonder nothing gets done!
   So, for now, we will protest peacefully.  We will camp out at Wall Street and financial institutions all across American.  When more and more and more people are working for $10 an hour and the richest people are sitting on over a Trillion Dollars and getting rich beyond our ability to count and NOT paying taxes on their money, something is wrong.
   This is not Robin Hood.  It is not taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  I am not after that.  Only an equal playing field, all at the table and all playing the same game and all of the cards on the table.
   There has never been a better time to rebuild our infrastructure, repair our roads and bridges.  We need it
and we have the people to do it.  It would be far simpler to fix this economy if we wanted to. But that might not really be the agenda, huh?

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CrimsonLeaves said...
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Anonymous said...

I have often thought we need to throw it all out and start anew. That said, we need to start over from what our founding fathers had in mind. I will come right out and say that I cannot stand Obama and I believe his vision for this country is exceedingly self-serving, an agenda that is slid into health care plans while many are un-suspecting. I could go further but I won't. The potential for a tax on any and all bank deposits? Huh? Didn't we pay taxes on those deposits when the pay checks were issued? I haven't a clue what the Republicans are saying right now either.

Really. Just vote in one person with common sense and a sense of country pride and right ethics and morals and maybe the rest would follow.

Ralph said...

I am so glad you got all that off your chest Jerry and once again I agree with you all the way. I so hope you are keeping well.

stonepost said...

My Bohemian friend, times change and that is a good thing. Our founding "father's" had slaves, women could be burnt as witches and you had to have property in order to vote. I do not want to go back in time to meet the future!

Ralph, how the heck is Great Briton doing? We need your positive posts, my friend!

Tiffiny said...

I couldn't agree with you more Jerry. I also think there should be a way to fire the politicians if they are not doing what those that hired them want. We shouldn't have to wait until the next vote when so much is on the line. Playing political games is not why they were put into office.

freebird said...

Any leader who comes out and says clearly, he intends to sink the President whatever it takes should be fired! He cannot serve the American people with that kind of attitude.

And then there is the one who calls the protestors a mob. The Tea Partyists weren't a mob but these people are. And Cain says it's un-American to protest capitalism. Since when is it un-American to protest too high taxes on the average person and too much money going into the pockets of the elite. Sounds just like the original tea party to me! I guess it's all what side you are on and too many can't quite figure out whose side the current protestors are on beyond they don't like how things are being done. I'm pretty sure they'll clarify their message as time goes on. We'll see, they seem to finally be catching the ear of the politicians so they might have some effect.