Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Storm Came Through

   I don't really sit in my mother's basement at this computer hunting for trouble spots in the world nor do I look at "hot Russian Babes".  I am in my shop where I have three fire extinguishers and a garden hose nearby.  I am surrounded by metal, a pretty big inventory for a retired guy.  It is sort of like my savings account.
   I am working on my latest idea, a "painting station" for artists, something not too big with rings for yogurt containers or cottage cheese containers.  A "cleaning station" for brushes, but something on wheels so it could be moved about and with its own palette and storage area for paint.  So far I have three "table models" and four pedestal models and two steel easels that are self-contained with these features.  I am near to being ready for the perfect "furniture quality" model, something attractive enough to be put in a living room.
   I still don't know whether this is a good idea or not, something needed or useful for an artist?  I like them.
I have already decided that if there is no market for these they will become my new trellis's in my garden next year!  That will be pretty cool, little art pedestal tables for my cucumbers to climb on!
   All of this reminds me of years ago when I wanted to invent the "perfect trellis".  Oh, there were millions of trellis's on the market and people thought I was nuts for trying to create one more in an already flooded market.  The one's that were there weren't any good, that is what they had in common.  They would not support themselves let alone a plant.  So I played at this for months until I came up with the perfect trellis!
I think over the years I must have sold a thousand of them but the first one's were failures.
 Just so you can see there is some detail to this painting.
   I am also painting!  My "landscape" has become an abstract!  Painting is a lot easier and less expensive than working with steel and there is never any waste.  Sometimes I have painted over the same canvas six times.  It will be fun if a hundred years from now an art restorer finds one of my paintings, chipping away to find stories buried under stories, paint under paint.

Painting over a painting is interesting. I can leave some background, create shadows and depth and texture becomes a part of the painting.

 about 5' x 3'
"A Storm Came Through"
This one is meant to be pleasant and red, red from a distance but detailed and mysterious upon closer inspection.  That is all.  It doesn't mean anything.
   Sometimes we hunt for meaning where there is none.  It is so hard to just accept something as it is.  We hunt for ulterior motives where there might be none at all.  We do this with people all of the time and the art world is full of it.
   This painting is screaming "nothing".  It just is, that's all.  But it is pretty red, I'll give it that.

More of my paintings can be found HERE


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, I know just what your saying, someone always looks for that ' meaning' behind the painting. why can't it just BE!
It's color, has movement, flow, but darn it I see some hot summer sky and grasses in there ! BJ

stonepost said...

"Hot Summer Sky" what a great title
thanks, Barbra Joan!

Tiffiny said...

I like the painting station idea, seems like something that artists would desire and need. Can't wait to see your 'furniture quality' model.

conservativelybohemian said...

So, Jer, what did you think of my collaborative ideas for those art never said? Prohibitive changes? Just curious!

I love this painting, and despite not being an abstract art fan. It is so artist-y! It seems like a gorgeously bright field of wildflowers!! Love BJ's title too. That is indeed what it reminds me of. I'm with you...I hated dissecting all manner of things in high school lit classes. Why couldn't something just mean exactly what it said?

stonepost said...

I do, my bohemian friend, like your collaborative ideas! I don't want to make this a catch all for every art form. It is not designed as an organizer nor for storage of all of one's supplies. It is just a "use at the moment" kind of station, something to get closer to the easel and I am trying to keep the cost pretty cheap! Like under $150!

freebird said...

It makes me think of a grass fire roaring through. Love the colors. My daughter read a book where Shakespeare came into the future and ended up sitting in a college class where the meanings behind his works were discussed. He failed the class.

conservativelybohemian said...

Yep, see what you mean, Jer. I knew it might grow the original idea too much. How selfish of me to think of what I always find myself needing when I'm painting! LOL Ah well...And all my supplies are stored in cabinets. I suspect that if I just got more organized...or didn't use the danged computer when painting, it would be so much easier! LOLOL