Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty

That is my generation, who said that?  I am officially a "part of the problem" today.  It is my birthday and,
man o man, it creeps up on you!  I am 65 today!  and on... Medicare!  That is like saying I am a patient when I am not even sick!  I can get Senior Citizen's Discounts! and I think, a free fishing license!
   I remember my daughter once had a sign posted on her door that said, "Old enough to know better, too young to care!" and I want that sign now, it fits me to a "T".  I am liking this age and pretty much do what I want.  Some days I do a lot and other days I don't accomplish a damned thing and I don't criticize me for it.
I am lucky to even be here.  My year 63 was the battle of my life with Cancer and I won that fight and the year 64 was pretty much spent getting my strength back.  There were many days, months, where I couldn't lift 20 pounds!
   I am younger now for sure.  It is as if I discovered some secret of youth, each day getting a little younger instead of older!  That is pretty cool and I am thankful for that!  Today is my birthday and I am welding up a storm!  Working! and I love it so much, banging and welding and grinding and cutting steel and making noise.
I am Alive!
   If 63 was Cancer and 64 getting stronger 65 will be different again.  I have my Tom-Tom now, I told you about that.  I might just go someplace, hit the road this Spring and do some travelling.  I am thinking about that.  and my Gallery is done!  My easels set up and blank canvasses on the wall, calling me, teasing me.
We will see what happens there.
   I am still after "the perfect tomato", so I will be doing that again this year.  I always save the seeds from the very best of the previous season.  That is the secret to getting older I think.  Saving the seeds and knowing which to throw away.  So much to do.  This will be a great day and just the very beginning into this 65th year.
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rama said...

A very Happy Birthday Jerry!
Even I have my birthday coming, we belong to the same star. Have a great day!
Also happy travelling too!

conservativelybohemian said...

The happiest of birthdays to you, Jerry!! Your philosophy is amazing and I so wish I could inject some of that into my sad old self. I wish you continued strength, health, and reversed aging! You continue to amaze my friend. And by the way, the concrete in the studio looks amazing!!

stonepost said...

Rama, thank you so much! We are Stardust, I am sure of that! Pretty amazing, huh? What we were we can now appreciate.

SooZeQue said...

Well said Jerry. Happy Birthday! As they say "Growing Old Ain't for Sissies!" That's the poster my hubby has in his exercise room. He turned 65 a couple of weeks ago. He also says "Go Hard, or Go Home"! as he flexes his "Gun Show" at me. So keep pounded that steel, smilin' and livin' and gettin' younger. Happy Birthday.

stonepost said...

Hey, Sherry, my friend, inject it in Small Doses! I always start with something simple, then look back and think to yourself: "I did that!" Real Homemade Bread is a great place to begin, not that mixer crap but the stuff you put your soul into and knead by hand. A lot to it actually but the smells and rewards can be shared by others and appreciated by all.
Thanks for being at my birthday party!

stonepost said...

SoozieQ, thank you! What a cool, inspiring husband you have! You'll never find me in a gym though. maybe looking through the windows but never entering! hahaha!
It ain't for sissy's, that's for sure. Had I known I was going to get this old I woulda taken better care of myself!

Clipped Wings said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jerry!!! You're such a wonderful friend to know. I'm now officially eligible for medicare starting this month and have to the beginning of June to decide. Your studio floor of many memories is wonderful, and wishing you many years of traveling fun.

Tiffiny said...

Happy Birthday Jerry! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, You are the best, I want you to stay strong and healthy, I met you when you were on the recovery road and have loved every minute of our friendship..
The years go by..and before you know it... there you are.. Have a wonderful rest of your life.. yes. and some travellin might be good !!!!
Barbra Joan

Timaree said...

Happy belated birthday. I hope it's a freeing and exciting year for you. Didn't 30 seem like so far away back then?