Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Room With a View

My  little gallery/studio room is finished, at least as much as anything is ever finished in my life.  Life is all about change, additions and subtractions, making things do and making them comfortable.  Sometime this Spring I will add a window or at least replace the door to the back with one that has a openable window.
 Three big blueberry plants outside the front entry.
The ventilation would be nice and I would have more natural lighting.  The main door has a window in it that looks towards the garden and my little plunge pool so I do have a view.

   I like my new room.  The floor (thank you SoozeeQ!) came out great, colorful, hodgepodge, historical and very much "me".  Two coats of "wet-look lacquer" will keep it nice and easy to clean.  More spilled paint will just make it even better.
 The room is waiting for me.
   Mostly it is warm and I love that!  Oregon has cold, rainy winters and it is freezing now.  I have begun the process of moving in, sorting this and that, finding places for things.

 Soozee's Floor!
 It is my "shop side", the other side of this wall where I can make money and do the metal art I know how to do.  I have no fantacies about creating an income from this gallery side but it will be warm and inviting and offer me another opportunity to try something different.  It will also offer an enticing place to seduce customers!  I will find some metal art to put in this room.
I think my photos are getting screwed up so I will stop for today!  The last one which will probably appear HUGE here but I have lost it is one of my office door, the back door and the door to my "junk room" that I haven't entered yet! yipes!

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Anonymous said...

That floor is absolutely magical, Jer. You did such a beautiful job in this gorgeous room! I am proud of you!

SooZeQue said...

Such a great room! I need one of those. Thanks for giving me credit on the floor, but truly you were the artist, the creator... me just a muse with a thought, you took it over the top.

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

It is beautiful Jerry, I'm so proud of you :-)

I also hang my head in shame because with the Christmas fair this weekend and standing for 9 hours, I was too exhausted last night to wish you happy birthday!

So I will try and phone you now :-)

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, this a 'room of your own.'
was that Virginia Wolfe?
How inviting is that garden and what a scene to look out onto..
get yourself a nice big leathery chair and a foot stool .. then another small chair for me to sit in.. You can meditate in this room and don't you dare go putting a lot of your 'junk ' in it'' you hear me??

Tiffiny said...

Great Job!! I bet it's even better in person. Very nice. ;)