Monday, December 12, 2011

The Job Completed!

If "feeling the burn" is a good part of exercise then I did pretty good yesterday.  I feel it everywhere.  My effort to save the deer is finished, now they should just be embarrassed when they fail to jump the fence.
   I was reminded while working there that it was these same clients who just last year wanted me to make an iron base for a 20 pound piece of marble.  A piece of marble I could not lift out of their car!  That cancer stuff and chemo cure seem like a lifetime ago, a different me entirely.  I remember not being able to turn the key with one hand in the ignition of my little truck.  Two hands to start the car and I could barely walk a block.  What a difference a year makes.  I am so lucky!
   I have done most of my Christmas shopping too and the challenge I gave myself was pretty easy.  Buy only
stuff Made in U.S.A.  You can "Google" that and get pages and pages of content, tons of ideas, lots of holiday discounts and often free shipping.  I bought a lot of clothes this year mostly because I came up with the idea for this Christmas, "wear American or go naked"!  It is not going to be as exciting as I thought.  We make a lot of clothes!  We even make socks!
   I think we must be poor marketers because we do make a lot of stuff and no one is aware of this.  We need a naked Paris Hilton to push our wares.  Maybe naked but dressed in American clothes?  We have no spokesperson, no one telling us what is available or where to get it.  Don't get me wrong.  I like foreign things, exotic things.  I just prefer the days when French Perfume was made in France and not in a vat in a Chinese prison camp.  My Mexican friend, Oscar, tells me that all Mexican souvenirs are now made in China as are most American Flags!
 Stone Post with Light Fixture
   I liked shopping "on line".  There were no crowds, no tattered and littered piles of gone over stuff.  I didn't feel pushed or rushed and in a hurry.  I could leisurely read about the product and in most cases I was prompted.  If you liked that then you might also like this!  Clever, someone was paying attention to me!
   I think I enjoyed my Christmas shopping experience this year more than ever.  I spent no money on gas whatsoever and in fact did most of my shopping while in my bathrobe!  Now if we could only get Paris to do that!

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Barbra Joan said...

Thank you for finishing the fence. I and the deer appreciate you.
As for the buy American, I can say if it isn't done online you would be hard pressed to find anything in a store.
I was in a large home store caleed Southern Hospitality here in Plant City. Right now of course it's all about Christmas and home decor. I could not find ONE thing that wasn't made in China or another third world country, but mostly China.. and this is a place that is bigger than a huge supermarket. aisle upon aisle. What I was looking for was not a neccesity so I walked out...but it was a big realization once you focus in on that. BJ

stonepost said...

Sad but true Barbra! At least we do havehe on line alternative!

Timaree said...

Glad the deer are finally safe. Your hands hopefully will recover unlike the poor deer!

I read somewhere that our GDP is still larger than China's in spite of all the hoopla of them making so much stuff. According to this article they shouldn't overtake us till the 2020's and who knows what will happen now that they are slowing down due to the recession. So we do still make a lot! Just not enough.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh! You are such a guy. A naked Paris Hilton...GAH! LOL I also did most of my shopping online this year and I confess that I love shopping like that. Makes it ever so much more fun and less of a headache.