Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Proof is in the Pudding!

I think the most precise art, the most exacting and finely crafted masterpieces are edible.
   The microwave oven has been the most destructive invention ever to the culinary experience.  If we are what we eat it is no wonder we have lost a sense of purpose and have an empty unfulfilled sensation.  No sense of accomplishment other than to say, "yeah, I did that", heated up the instant dinner in the microwave!
   I think modern people know so much less than generations before us.  We no longer darn socks and most of us wouldn't even know how to do this.  Bread is something that comes from the store and is wrapped in cellophane, a nice meal is purchased from the deli in styrofoam containers.
   I like the Christmas Season because for two weeks in the year all of this changes.  Pots and pans almost never used are dug out from the back of the cupboard, grandma's old recipes are carefully read over and the smells of good food permiate the entire house.  People are cooking!
   There is a satisfaction in making something and sharing it with others that we are rapidly losing.  In our modern technological world we are becoming all the more capable of making nothing!  That is the sense we get.  Today I made nothing.  I am a maker of nothing.  That is who I am.  Nothing.
   So in this Season, for two weeks we can become something, a candy maker, a candle maker, cookie, bread maker.  Maker of gifts.  Joy maker.  Creator.
   I think artists are aware of this desire, this necessity to make things, to create and share.  And I think a good cook, a well prepared meal, a nice loaf of bread, a plate of home made cookies is art in itself.  All of the senses are captured, sight, smell, and I can eat it.  It is the best art, produced from the soul and appreciated by all.

 My Daughters, cooking!
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rama said...

Come on, Jerry don't grudge the modern people, and the modern inventions that make life easy for all of us. Remember, it is from nothing, that, we can become anything.
When occasion demands, I am sure we are all as enthusiastic as anyone in this world to dig up old forgotten recipes and have the pleasure of making them and sharing our dormant talents with others.
Merry Christmas Jerry to you and your family!!
Your daughters look beautiful.

rama said...

The proof of the pudding can be seen in your lovely daughters, so no need for any complaints.

CrimsonLeaves said...
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conservativelybohemian said...

Look at those gorgeous girls!! I agree with you all the way around on this post. Me? I'm lazy, tired, and sore so much of the time that cooking has become a chore rather than a joy. Yet I watching the cooking channel more than any other. Chefs are artists indeed.