Wednesday, March 28, 2012

50 Million Have None...

Obama care was first proposed by the Republicans as a method allowing each of us to pay our fair share towards the spiraling cost of medicine.  It has been implemented in Massachusetts by then Governor Romney,
the current front runner of the Republican Party for President.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans know we have a huge problem with our National Health System in the United States.  The problem is we do not have one.  It seems to be a difficult discussion and it shouldn't be, everyone knows there is a problem.
   I suspect a lot of it is political.  Republicans do not want the Democrats to have any credit even though what the Democrats proposed was a Republican idea!   And I suspect there are people who would oppose anything Obama said simply because he is black.
   The Supreme Court is entertaining this discussion now:  would it be legal to force us to have insurance?  I admit I do not understand this argument.  We are forced into paying for Medicare from our very first job. Aren't we glad we have it now?
   The math is very simple.  If everyone paid into the system then health care would be less expensive and everyone would be covered.  I don't understand an argument against this? The ideal thing in life is that everything would be free but that is not likely to happen.  It is nice to be against National Health Care, nice until you need it anyway.  Until you get cancer or need a knee replacement or find yourself in a serious accident.
I have great insurance and my being in favor of National Health will just cost me more money.  I do not need it for me.  I want it because I live in a Society and I enjoy healthy people around me.  I want it because Hospitals will go out of business without it and the best insurance in the world won't be of much value if there are no hospitals to provide the care.  One of the reasons our health care keeps getting more expensive is that they keep raising our rates to cover the uninsured.  Sort of like retail stores raising their prices to cover theft.
   The funny thing is that I am in favor of National Health Care because I am a Conservative!


Tiffiny said...

I don't understand the argument either. This whole thing about being forced to buy insurance being unconstitutional makes no sense. As you said we are forced to pay for it already through taxes and it is also a law to purchase car insurance. I remember when it wasn't a law, now people have to have. How can forcing people to purchase car insurance not be unconstitutional yet having to purchase health insurance is? It's a stupid argument. Our government pays out more in healthcare than governments that have socialized medicine. Perhaps we would be better off socializing it. So all the people of this country could have it without worry of cost. We already pay for medical through our taxes, it would probably cost less in the end.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Jer, I would never consider you conservative! LOL Also, I do not oppose Obama because of his color. I oppose him because of his politics. There is alot of detrimental things buried deep within Obama's healthcare propositions. One must read deep and listen hard.

stonepost said...

Deep and Hard??? hahaha! okay, tell me the particulars! I really want to know your argument against this!