Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Canadian Conspiracy

March 20th, 2012

I took this photo at 4:30 am today!

I hear that other parts of the country are warm but not Oregon!  This is about one inch so far but it is still snowing hard!  I really wish Scientists had called it "global weather change" instead of global warming!  I do remember once having snow in March but I was about ten years old, fifty-five years ago!  I think the Canadians have a new weapon and they are experimenting on the Northwest!  Can't plant tomatoes in this weather!

Here is my arbor installed.  I got it up yesterday between rain showers!  Climbing roses are planted on either side of it.

Snow is predicted today and tomorrow and then ten days of rain!
I will hide out in my shop or studio.  Maybe I will paint?

I have just now discovered the X Factor on YouTube.  Yes, I am that slow!  I have never seen it on television either!  That is exactly how I feel with each job I do!  On stage, nervous, in front of an audience, and hoping they will like what I do!


stonepost said...

UPDATE: Almost 7AM and over 3" of very wet snow! Branches are falling from the sky! I'll post pics when it gets light!

Barbra Joan said...

Well , first I say pooh on Global Warming.
No you can't plant anything in this weather, and here in Florida we are having the BEST weather ever. Conme and plant here !
Your arbor is outstanding as usual . It will certainly stand out from the rest of the homes.
"Your Touch" is great !
yes, let's see more of that white stuff... still trying to find out about getting rid of the captcha. You know I post on yours , because your special... LOL !