Friday, March 30, 2012

Lowering the Cost

of Health Care should be easy.  Diamonds are only valuable because the industry controls their access and creates a lot of hype around their worth.  I have a friend who went back to school simply because she got a free ride, a government grant.  She is taking "art" classes and having the time of her life.  It is all BS and will lead to no job and we are paying for it.  My neighbor has been on unemployment for well over a year and doesn't even try to find work.  Why should she?  She has six more months of vacation!  My point is that we are paying for the wrong people to go to school or at least paying for the wrong subjects to be studied.
   If we need more Doctors or more Engineers, that is what we should be paying for.  Find the weak side to this economic problem and fill it.  We have laws in effect to protect the Capitalism of medicine.  For instance, only so many MRI's per population, so they remain expensive and profitable.  I can get an MRI for my dog for less than $500.  If we had more machines they would simply cost less.
   Maybe if we were to subsidize Doctor's training, and scientists, and chemists and the manufacturing of medical equipment, then these costs could be lowered?
   Some of the costs are just absurd and we pay them out of fear.  A Colonoscpathy  can cost $2,500 and takes 20 minutes!  That might be looked into.
   The real reason Social Progress always moves at a snail's pace is that we can't get over the concept that "some people are not deserving".  Think about that.  This is true all over the world and in almost every culture.
Deep down inside we only like human beings who are successful.  We will create obstacles to separate "them" from "us".  It is the reason for the caste system in India and it is the reason for poverty in our own country.
For thousands of years we believed in the "Divine Right of Kings" and the left over of this is somehow a belief that the wealthy are more deserving, more virtuous, closer to God.  It is stark raving mad that we might choose a multimillionaire who has contempt for the lower/middle classes to be our President!  I would love to know more about the psychology of this!  He can't be all bad though, he began Obama care before Obama did!
   The bottom line is we want what little we may have and it is difficult to believe the government is out to help us.  The situation will never get better without a discussion.  If you have no opinion someone else will impose theirs upon you.  You can count on that.  So I keep reading and studying, examining both sides and I am not afraid to listen.  Curious.

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