Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Almost WON!!!

"I could a been a contender".  I got all of the numbers, all six of them!  ...But dispersed over the fourteen tickets that I bought!  That was my "investment" for the chance at half a Billion or so that was up for grabs.
I think someone from Maryland bought the winning ticket.  My daughter lives in Maryland!  I wonder..hmm!
I wonder whether she would even tell me?
   There is something about money that brings friends out of the woodwork and you discover relatives that you never knew existed.
   Half a Billion isn't what it used to be.  It takes Romney a full two years to earn that much!  Of course I dreamt what it would be like to suddenly be kicked into the top 1% where 640 Million becomes a lousy 430 Million after taxes and I wondered whether I would resent that?  Maybe, I thought No one would win and next week it would morph into a full Billion Dollars!  That's real money!  And then I was dreaming like everyone who bought a ticket...    what would I do?
   I could certainly spend some of it.  My house needs a new roof and that would take some and I would like to pay off my daughter's student loans and get rid of those payments they will have for the next thirty years!  I don't want a new car.  I like my little truck and it has brand new tires on it.  My wife's 1989 Mercedes is in perfect running condition and she just had the oil changed.  I realize that I would have a difficult time spending the interest that would accumulate in just one day.
   I am amused when I read that some people would invest this money!  Like they want more!  When would it be enough?  It would be quite a challenge to give it away.  Some people would complain that they didn't get enough!  I remember the old "Millionaire" television program from the 1960's where every week John Baresfortipton (spelling?) would give away a million bucks to some poor deserving person which would just create a whole slew of other problems.  It is not simple.
    I wonder whether I should have prayed for the winning numbers?  Some people did this and even made deals with God, offering half to the Church instead of the measly 10%.  I am sure there was a priest or two who bought a ticket.  I like to think that God is busy and doesn't get involved with a numbers game. and if He wanted something I am sure He could figure out a way to get it.
    I am glad it is over and now I can get back to my garden and the reality of life.


Ralph said...

I have often thought these same thoughts Jerry. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I just would not want to have such a windfall, because i know for sure what it would do to me and I do not want that at all. Now I am not saying that I am one hundred percent happy with my lot but I am happy enough not to want the changes that such money would bring.

stonepost said...

Hey Ralph, nice to see you back! If we had won then maybe we could afford the problems given us!

Kay said...

I would have had to drive to Idaho with the masses to get a ticket. Utah pretends it is above the lottery its residents drive to Idaho and spend their bucks there!!! I was entering Publisher's Clearing house and HGTV Dream home..because I was thinking on a "smaller"scale. Hmmm the house could be sold, and the car, and the $500,000.00 and all of that could pay off my bills, my son's meager bills, my siblings and Mom's bills and I could donate some to my fave charities and maybe even set up a scholarship program or at least contribute to one at my alma mater. The Publisher's clearing house..well, 1 million every year for the rest of my life! I could do some wonderful things with that, travel, help out friends, buy art from struggling artists...donate to animal welfare funds, help out the Red cross. But I couldn't even think in the terms of 1/2 a billion ( little finger to cheek ala Austin Power's nemesis)! It was truly beyond my scope of understanding, I decided not to drive to Idaho.

stonepost said...

Smart choice Kay, you saved some gas!

SooZeQue said...

You and me both! Oh well - easy come easy go. Guess I'll have to get that garage sale going soon to make up the difference! Right!.... so what happened to The's empty. I've been away so long I have no clue what is going on with everyone. Hope you didn't give up.