Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easy to find ideas!

I am continuing with My Book and you will find the latest chapter HERE.  It is pretty easy to get ideas, they come floating over the ocean and arrive as gifts upon our shores!  This turns out to be not much of a story,
but It Could Have Been!  Another blogger, Dave Masco beat me to it and his blog has now gone viral!
Lucky bastard!  Well, he lives right on the beach in Florence and found these before I did!  You can google him or the Register-Guard to find this story, but if you hang on I will make it far more interesting and we will get shot at too!
   Some of you may be disappointed that I enter my own personal philosophy about life into this book but unless it is just gibberish entertainment that is the only reason to write a book, a sneaky way to educate you!
We can all have our own personal opinions but we can not all have our own facts.  Some things in life just ARE and have no relation to a person's belief.  It makes no difference whether you believe the Earth goes around the sun, it does.  Believing otherwise does not change it.
   It is so easy to get stories right out of the newspapers, strange ones like the one above and even stranger ones if you follow Rush Limbo!  He is lucky women are docile and pretty or somebody might shoot him!
Man, if I were like that my wife would hit me over the head with a frying pan in the middle of the night!
Or Rick Santorum who thinks college is for snobs, except for his family, of course!  And Mitt, bless his heart, who thinks that the way to economic growth is to throw more money at the rich people!  I try not to include too much politics in my book because it is not a comedy.
   Really, it will be about protecting the Earth, really, truly, except people will die and there will be a lot of bad guys and I will just try to solve the puzzle as I go along.  Life is not simple.  There are consequences.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Life IS NOT simple. And there are CONSEQUENCES. Perfectly said and oh so true!!

stonepost said...

Sherry, I think you are actually reading my book and I want to thank you for that!

SooZeQue said...

Rush LameO just hasn't said the wrong thing to the right lady yet or he would of felt gunpowder and lead for sure! I'll have to check out the box that washed up and you continue doing your story your way - that's what makes it awesome! Are there any Gun Totin Welding ladies in it???? Huh, Huh HUh?