Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Did You See The Moon?

Wow, how lucky Oregon is!  The Full August Moon and just over our coastline!  It is huge and a bright white yellow and oh so close.  I sometimes wonder about other countries?  How many moons does Canada have?  I am pretty sure that the French have two; in England you can never see the moon because of the rain and in Russia?  I am not sure whether a moon would even be allowed?
   Did you know that it is getting a little further away from us each passing day?  Someday it won't be there at all, just a fairy tale that no one will believe.  Enjoy it while you can.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I too noticed the full moon out here. And there is the blue moon (2nd full moon of the month) and the harvest moon, and the cow that jumped over the moon. The place of the giant leap for mankind, of cheese, and men...Magical indeed.

stonepost said...

You are so right, Sherry, I knew there was more than ONE moon! and you can even name them!

Barbra Joan said...

Here in Florida the moon comes up sometimes bigger than the sun..(Moon over Miami) ? It lasts for just a few moments and then it's gone.. I too always wonder who else is looking at it at the same time ... BJ