Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hotter than Blazes!

Well, it is all relative, for Oregon it is hot.  99 degrees today!  I will be in the pool!  It is hotter everywhere, you know.   This drought is world wide, ask India or our own Midwest.  Corn it seems is in every food and in the gasoline to drive our cars and there won't be much this summer!  How much hotter does it need to get for you to believe in Global Warming?  I wonder how much more coal we need to burn to really screw up the atmosphere?  Seems like a challenge, doesn't it?
   Chic-a-fil seems to think we are challenging God in the bedroom when it is really this small blue orb that we are playing with.  It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature!  It will get hotter, that is for sure, and a lot more weird weather before we will admit...anything!  That is just the way people are.  Stubborn.
   I have a well on my little one third acre, one of the first things I did over 40 years ago.  It is only 20 feet deep and has never run out of water, although I am not so presumptuous as to think this might never happen.  I pray to the well gods every time I turn on the pump.  So far that works.
   So, how hot is it where you are?  and what do you do to cool down?  I don't have air conditioning, would only need it one week a year in Oregon.  I have my little garden pool and that is where I will be.


L.W.Roth, said...

Your garden pool looks like a lovely place to be in the heat we're all having. Sorry about no AC though. That doesn't make sleeping easier. Michigan is in the nineties. I read your book blog. Tuna will be my doom. We eat it daily. I was starting to wonder why I glowed in the dark. Now I know.

Kay said...

I have a window air conditioner. Popsicles, good thing work has ac. I used to get a cheapo above ground pool every year..but the neighbor kids would stare at me..I didn't put it up this year and wish I had!!!

stonepost said...

It is never hot at night in Oregon, always drops to 50 degrees!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Another whole post on weather! I just did the same type of thing. Alas, I have no pool though.

As to global warming? If the scientists say it is so, then I guess it is.

Barbra Joan said...

That pool looks like a little heavenly oasis in a desert.
How beautiful is that?
Here in Fl. you can't go outside. I live in air conditioning night and day.. and I'm so wanting to be outside doing my garden thing... Impossible. BJ

SooZeQue said...

HOT - come to AZ... Oregon's 99 will feel like a cool breeze. Although not having air conditioning makes it rough. It's gonna be 112 all week.... it's like a Sauna up in here. Keep cool in your pool. That's my plan also.