Thursday, August 30, 2012

No Sense of Urgency

I am watching the Republican Convention and look forward to Mitt's speech tonight.  I did watch the CNN special on Mitt the other day (liberal media?) and he seems a decent guy, hard working and I like that.  I flip channels between CNN and Fox (really I do!).  I want to know what is said and what people are thinking.  I read the entire Republican Platform! and, so far, here is what I still believe:
   Trickle Down Economics doesn't work.  More people got richer under eight years of the Bush Administration than most any time in History, the same time period when we were losing over 200,000 jobs a month!  The philosophy of abundance, of rewarded work worked pretty good in the days when a CEO pay was about six times the average worker's.  Then it became sixty times and now, in some cases six hundred times or even more!  Something got derailed.  American Corporations are sitting on over a Trillion Dollars, mostly in off shore accounts or invested overseas.  None of this is trickling down to us.
    The Republicans say the National Debt is the issue and yet the Super Wealthy pay less than 15% in taxes, or eleven percent in Mitt's case!  I do not begrudge them their wealth but think their taxes should equal mine.  They, the Republican Party, won't even agree to a measly 2% increase on incomes over $200,000.  I won't think it is a serious issue until they chip in to save the system that has been so good to them.
   And what is with this "who built it" crap?  Where is the gratitude that should come from living in the USA?  I had my own Company for over thirty years and of course didn't do it by myself!  I needed the roads and bridges, the public education of my workers and an endless list contingencies all along the way that got me to where I was.  It is the advantage of living in this country, a land of opportunities paved by people before me, leaving me with the obligation to pave the way forward for others.
   I am fine, whatever happens won't affect me.  I worry about the future.  If Medicare becomes voluntary it will be destroyed.  That is pretty simple math. And is Social Security about my personal benefit or a part of the responsibility required to live in a country where the old and sick are cared for and not indigent?
   It seems that the Republican Party is the party of me.  I see no National  Consciousness except maybe greed and self indulgence.    Drill baby drill.  Get it while the getting's good.  Use it all up!
   Should I mention women?  You really want to vote to go back in time 50 years?  They don't even make wire coat hangers any more.
   I do like the work ethic that is expressed in the Republican Platform.  I am not after a give away society.  Personally I don't even like food stamps or housing assistance or anything free.  I think that is the job of industry and the rewards from working hard.  If Bane Capitol believed that they would bring our jobs back home.  I think their belief system is Cash First and anything else is secondary if in their thoughts at all.
   A lot of my positions are just simple math and looking at consequences.  I don't like negative campaigning from either side and become very suspicious when my emotions are appealed to.
It would be nice if candidates could stick to the truth and occasionally mention what is nice about living in this country.  There is a lot to be optimistic about. 


Kay said...

as a very liberal woman..I too have been watching the RNC. It has been difficult to listen to the cheerleading of bashing a sitting President, or poor people, certainly the refusal to fact check has gotten in the way of some rousing rhetoric. I listen to a lot of stations, read a lot of stuff...still can't get my head around the hatred and racial bashing going on. Trying to make it more difficult to vote, treating poor people as if they are not important. The hatred of women, the attempts to govern our bodies and health choices, certainly the time travel efforts to go back 50+ years! Still nice to see some passion, now how about some real facts and plans?

CrimsonLeaves said...

Can't speak to your post, Jer. Bashing a sitting president? People have been doing it for years and tend to blame the previous president (GWB, for example) instead of looking at the heart of things. Always somebody's scapegoat.

Kay said...

thankfully that bit is over and now I hope everyone slogs through the DNC too! Yes I am sure there will be plenty of fodder for comment there too...oh well. Just the general disrespect for our President is unnerving to me. Yes you disagree with him but to be so personally denigrating is what makes me cringe. And yes GW was someone I disagreed with and I never wished him or his family ill.

Barbra Joan said...

It is almost laughable that people are offended by the 'disrespect' of a President.
Brings back lots of memories from the GWB years. Someone called him 'Hitler'.
How disrespectful do you want to get?
I'm a registered independent and leaning towards not voting this year.. First time in my life.
Extremely discouraging.

stonepost said...

It is a slow, difficult, uphill climb but we are gaining every month. We WERE losing 800,000 jobs each month and now, not enough, but we are gaining. Housing is recovering, a 2% GAIN in the last quarter after a massive freefall. We avoided extracted wars in the Middle East, are out of the Iraq War and on the way to leave Afghanistan. Maybe now we can work on the issues here at home. We are on Mars, looking to the future and the stars. We are allowed public debate and discussion. The Republicans had their convention, said some good things and things I question. I will question the Democrats also and looking forward to their explanations and view. I wish I could pick and choose those elements from each side that I like best, but that would be compromising, wouldn't it? Always the best way. There is always hope and the difference to be made is what we do ourselves.