Monday, August 13, 2012

I Am Retired

I no longer make lists, obligations and chores to fill my day.  I may or I may not do anything at all.
This time of year my garden no longer requires my devoted attention.  It will grow now and take care of itself.  The tomatoes will get big and ripe and juicy or they won't and my effort is not required.
I may paint, sometimes I do that even though I am a beginner, a novice who doesn't understand the rules. I have sold three paintings in my life and don't even remember what they were.  As I get older what once was important has lost its significance, just a painting, that's it.
   I might weld, slap steel together and make something that way, the  way that got me on this road, introduced me to art and got me to wherever I am.
   I have four sheets of siding that need replacing on my shop and I work at that a little each day, pulling a few nails, dragging out a three hour job and making it last weeks.  I have until the fall rains, another five or six weeks so I am not in a hurry.
   I still read the newspapers, an old habit that I continue.  We are on Mars and won a lot of gold medals, the most I hear!  Romney has chosen a running mate so that race has really started.  We will be getting a lot of lies from both sides, distortions and I sometimes wonder why these people (from both sides) are not in jail?  It leaves a lot of work for us to discover the truth and I wonder if we even give a rip?   Many days it is not on my list and I do not investigate at all.
   I sometimes start something and put it down and not go back to it.  Finishing a project, unless it is for a customer, is not as important as it once was.  I do not have to get something done in order to get on to that next thing on my list because I have no list at all.
   I have begun the last in the trilogy of  Stieg Larsson's books: "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest".  It is a complex novel full of details and conspiracies.  It requires the reader's attention, something not required from most books nowadays.  I like it and, of course, love Lizbeth Salandar, the uncooperative heroine!
   I check on my friend's house from time to time.  The roof trusses arrive next Wednesday and I will be there to help.  It is a small house by our standards, about 900 square feet and only one bedroom and one bathroom, mostly a living room with kitchen and a big front porch.  It is enough and I wish my house were smaller.  How we ever got trapped in the bigger is better I will never know.  It is just a lot more work and I wonder what drives us so?  We could learn from other species if we could listen.  My dog could teach me to relax.
    My hands still hurt and they are teaching me to slow down but inactivity doesn't seem to help. They are at their best when I am deep into a project and can forget about them.  Maybe that is the purpose of a "list"?  I will pull five more nails and think about it.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Ah Jerry...I like the sound of your retirement. It would suit me well.

Kay said...

I too love the Steig Larsson books. Too bad he died and there are no more to enjoy...but it does leave a bit of mystery