Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Did Not Do It!!!

At the very last minute, two trucks loaded to the gills, I went past the entry gates, got my passes and paperwork completed and I kept on driving right out of the park!  What happened?  I don't really know, a lot of deja vu, seeing the same displays as last year, the very same dragons and fairies, everyone setting up as vendors selling the very same wares as last year.  Reality clashed hard with my anticipation and in an instant my fantasy imploded.
   I did Home Shows for 25 years, twice a year, the Fall and the Spring Show.  I had a policy of never, and I mean absolutely never, bringing the same stuff back to a show.  From season to season and year to year I never repeated myself and tried my best to outdo the previous show.  Always dealing with the issue of how to make the next show better than the last.  I developed a "following", loyal customers and curious attendees who came by just to see what I was up to that year.  That to me is what shows of this type should be about.  The progression of an artist.
   As I am driving my truck with my friend behind me past the areas of deployment, seeing the displays, I thought I was driving the aisles of Walmart and was reminded of why people hate Home Shows and the row after row of Hot Tubs and window displays, everything too much the same as last year.
    There is always, although it has never happened before, a single  incidence to abruptly pulling out of
a show and for me it was to discover that I was not allotted a space at all, not even a place to unload my two trucks!  This was literally two tons of steel and slate creations that I was expected to scatter as in fill, willy nilly around this two acre site.  Yes, I discover they want me, they want my art pieces, they want the 30% commission and extra sales for their coffers, but no, they don't have an area for me
and I am expected to drag my art all over the park.  No method to connect my art to me, no station to talk with potential clients.  That was it.  I left.
  Today I will unload my truck here at my studio and garden and make it look as pretty as I can.  At least there will be lots to see as customers drop by to discuss a project.
   Temperamental artist.  Yes.


Graciewilde said...

Hell, yeah, temperamental! I say justifiably angry! What garbage, what shit! That is not the way to show that you honor the artists. Yup. the stupid dollar wins again - all about making money for the promoter. Hats off to you for NOT going along with it!

Jerry Carlin said...

Gracie, thank you so much! I am feeling alone and small at the moment!

Barbra Joan said...

Omg Jerry, I can't believe you did this.. well yes I can. I would have been so pissed .. I'm sorry this happened.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Jerry after reading this I think you made the right decision sir.