Friday, July 5, 2013

Life is Fantacy!

After rereading my last few blogs I realize that life is fantacy.   We never see anything or anyone or any situation standing by itself.  Our view of life is clouded by the lense of our vision.  We filter everything, we bring expectation, our very perception changes everything.
   I could have made "in-fill art", little easy to carry baubles, shiny  things  to catch a passing fancy.  I can make fairies too.  For me the problem began months ago when I was first invited to this show and requested that I send a CD of my pieces I intended to bring.  I don't have an inventory;  I don't have boxes of butterflies nor any standard repeated product.  When I do an art  show I create specific pieces just for that show.  It is a one time event and they are one of a kind creation.  If for some reason something doesn't sell it then comes back to my garden/studio and finds a home here.  Under no circumstances does it return to another show.
   I did produce a list, an inventory of 31 items I intended to bring and I mentioned this was two pickup loads of work.  I suspect the accounting department got this list as they were mostly interested in the itemized pricing, an accounting of their 30%.  The production people, the choreographers of this event had no clue as to what I was bringing.   What we had here was a failure to communicate.  So sad in this era of instant communication.
   I actually feel emancipated.   Three days/nights of this show, a day to move in and a day to move out is exhausting.  My studio and gardens are looking good and I have very seldom actually had an inventory here for clients to actually purchase.  So, good things have come from this experience.  I will start taking pictures tomorrow.


Barbra Joan said...

Don't sweat it Jerry...
You know you did the right thing.
Your a 'one of a kind person' and you create 'one of a kind art'.
Barbra Joan

Graciewilde said...

I like that word emancipated! I know that feeling. When I've made a plan to do something and then, for whatever reason the plan changes, I think that is often the perfect word. I have been given back precious time and owe nothing to anyone. I am glad , after a couple days of letting the notion rest you can now see the good in the outcome. yay!