Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Move In Day!

Move in day is stressful and anticlimactic.  My scheduled time is 2:30 in the afternoon and since I am a morning person and it will be close to 90 degrees, I am not looking forward to it.  More hours to stress before "The Show".  My truck is loaded and a friend will drop by at noon and we will load his truck, go out to lunch and to the Garden Show for unloading.  I have done hundreds of these in my life and have a check list, but each time is like the very first time.  I really shouldn't worry because the Maude Kerns art people are truly professionals and this is their 30th time they have put on this show.  I know from my experience last year that I can pretty much dump off my stuff and come back a couple hours later and it will be perfectly choreographed and decorated with hundreds of flowers.  They call it "garden art" for a reason and they are professionals.
   The entire "Art in the Vineyard" is huge encompassing the entire City Park and covering many acres.
It will draw over 75,000 paying visitors and hundreds of Artists from all over the Northwest.  You can rent your own booth and man it and keep the proceeds of your sales or you can do what some of us do,
display your wares in a communal setting.  The "Art People" do the sales, decorate and make everything look like a wonderland and the artist does not have to be there for all the hours of the show.
We pay a commission for this but it is like hiring a team of professionals and a whole theater cast crew for a pittance.  My art looks better surrounded by other's art and the entire couple acres, the "Art in the Garden" section is a walkable wonderland.  I really have nothing to worry about, just the hours between now and then.
   I keep saying that this is my last show.  I have said that for over five years now, yet I keep coming back.  I really like them, like my stuff and me on display, the anticipation and stage fright.  I like watching the audience, people as they move about this theater and I wonder whether they realize how much work from all of the Artists and Production Crew went into this event?  Some people will look at every piece and other's will walk right past not giving it a glance.  I think that is why I like making one of a kind art, pieces and concepts not seen before.  Still some will walk right past and not even see it.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hope it goes well Jerry!!

Barbra Joan said...

Good Luck Jerry, I am there with you in spirit and wish I were there in person.. I would have loved to see it ...I want pictures too.... BJ

Graciewilde said...

Good luck! It sounds like , in all probability you will enjoy the show. The anticipation is the killer. I find that happens to me way too often.