Sunday, July 7, 2013

There is only ONE

 It is ART, right? You gotta have places to mix paint and put the yogurt cups!
The old wood decking has five coats of urethane sealer on it.
Three in a row!  Pedestals designed for flower pots.
 2 x 6 cedar from an old deck, no rot just weathered and old.
Make a great garden table, a place to put the bounty picked from the garden. 
 Steel covered in slate flower pot. I like these and wouldn't mind keeping this one.
 I have these all over my garden, slate on steel, a place
to put my coffee, the clippers, or something just picked.
The cucumbers use them for a trellis. I admit I make a
lot of these and sell them from $15 to $45, depending on size.
Almost everything I do, there is only one of.  I find bits and pieces, interesting steel or a piece of wood and set them aside until they call me.  Most of my art is useful, decorative, unusual, but you can sit on it, use it for a table or allow the plants to grow around it.  Here are some recent pieces:
An Oak plank about 3 feet long with 100 year old iron castings.


Clipped Wings said...

You are always so wonderfully creative.

Barbra Joan said...

Like I said ... only one of a kind. both, you and your art.
Hope your enjoying your garden.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Your creativity level is off the charts my friend. Happy Monday!