Friday, July 19, 2013

You say "Tomato", I say

 Well over a hundred of these flowers on the Trumpet Vine!
This one is grown in a six gallon pot!
You gotta be a millionaire or do it yourself! 
Tomato!  Oh man, I feel rich this time of year!  My house is painted!  I am done with the spraying part anyway and have the white trim to go.  I am in no hurry and will do it one section at a time, the same way I got the house painted.  I had to look at this job in bits and pieces because the whole project would have become overwhelming.  I would just say to myself, "today I just have to paint one wall" and eventually I met myself at the beginning where I began.
Trumpet Vine Entry to my garden
This one might get eaten today!
I spend every morning in my garden, a little weeding every day and that too does not become a big job.  I think this year will be a bumper year for the garden.  We had a pretty nice Spring and I have been eating tomatoes since June 25th, the earliest ever.  Now the "Big Ones" are ripening!  These are the one pounders from all varieties:  Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, my two favorites, and Lemon Boy, Brandy Wine and others that I have forgotten their names.  I save the seeds from season to season and each year they get bigger and better and healthier. I can't imagine a summer without homegrown tomatoes and I wonder how we got fooled into accepting store bought tomatoes?
 Getting Bigger every day!
 My garden pool where I go skinny dipping!


rama said...

Beautiful Tomatoes, and everything is beautiful, enjoy your summer Jerry!!!

Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, you've outdone yourself this year both with the flowers and the veggies..
Oh, I wish I were there in that garden today... How very beautiful..
I wonder if you sent me some seeds , could I grow one tomato plant next year? I've never done that..
And look how you've accomplished finishing the house painting job..
Your a good man Charlie Brown. !!!