Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me or the Area Around Me?

We move from one neighborhood to another, even across State Lines, because we want to improve our circumstances, get a better job, that nicer house, a better life style, be around more comfortable, nicer people.  Americans move more than any other people on this planet.
   Something is happening now that is different.  More adult children are moving back home.  It is not uncommon to find three generations living together in a single house.  There is nothing better out there, no where to move, no jobs to find.  Is this a generational failure? A  Societal failure?  or do we have an official 9.1% unemployment and an unofficial rate much higher because these people themselves are failures?
How does one really analyse this and come up with honest answers?  Until we discover what has caused these problems the situation will only get worse.
   We are like rats in a cage, eating and tearing at each other because we can't figure out how to open the door!  It is going to get worse.  We chip away at pension funds and that was okay because I don't have a pension.  We cut back and curtail unemployment benefits, and that is okay, I am retired!  We are union bashing now, against those that made the coal mines less dangerous and industry safer, with better wages for all.  I am not in a union.  We are cutting back on woman's health and children advocacy and that has nothing to do with me.  "I'm all right, Jack," is the attitude we assume, all of this has nothing to do with me!
   Eventually this attitude will bring us all down and they will come for us!  Now they are after Social Security and Medicare and I am wondering whether it is too late to complain?  Maybe I should have remembered what they do to the least of us they will do to all of us?
   America is rapidly becoming a "third world country" and we are doing it to ourselves.  We are to blame!
   Here is ONE incident, but there are many, all across America, in every little town.
   The Swedish furniture company, IKEA, pays their workers in Sweden $19 an hour and offers a huge benefit package including five weeks paid vacation a year!  It is unionized in Sweden.
   They have a plant in Dannville, Virginia, non-unionized with wages just above $8. an hour, no benefits, no vacations!  Needless to say they do not want a union here! ...and the profit that is made goes back to Sweden!
   How is any of this our fault?  We don't have to buy non-union.  We don't have to buy foreign stuff.  When we do there are results, there are consequences.
   There is no way we can get ahead, better ourselves in this life, by destroying and pulling down those who may have more than we do.  We are just removing that rung from the ladder that we too could use.


AutumnLeaves said...

I've always been pro-union and that for the good things about them that you mentioned, Jer. That said, I have to say that so many unions are extremely corrupt here in my state. Not only do they keep out anyone not in a union for jobs in the city of Chicago, but they have caused wage rates that run to the ridiculous, often forcing companies without those deep pockets to send their labor overseas for pennies on the dollar. You once mentioned people not understanding economics. This plays out here. Not in all areas, certainly, but their has to be that intersection of the supply and demand lines; anywhere else along the lines and prices go haywire. I love the idea of unions, truly, but so many do not want to deal with them because of either corruption, steep wages, or both. Now mind you, if I could be protected by a union and earn good wages in the process, that would be amazing. But then I also wouldn't want to be part of a bully group and that is how I'm starting to see some of the unions (not all), at least those with all the city of Chicago's...ahem..."contracts."

stonepost said...

AutumnLeaves, you are so brave to play with me in these discussions!
God forbid that an artist could actually have an opinion! Yes, it is complicated, all of it! and now I am seeing ads on television that BOTH the democrats AND the republicans are out to "save" medicare and Social Security!
I wonder about that too? I am beginning to think that it might be best if no one "protected" me!

AutumnLeaves said...

Ok, that comment made me chuckle aloud, Jer. I'm not usually brave because quite honestly many of my opinions are gut feelings. How can you argue when all you can say is just KNOW this isn't right? Hence, I usually keep my mouth shut. But occasionally I put thought into things. Rare but true! LOLOL