Monday, June 13, 2011

My Simple Bench...

 Location, location, where to put it?
is done!  Sometimes simple is best.  I never really know what a bench will be until I finish it.  I only have the basic shape and size in mind when I begin it.  They sort of grow and take a life of their own.
   A lot of it depends on what I have in my shop or the graveyard behind my shop.  I almost never buy anything specifically to make a bench.  The seating area is concrete, I have shown you how I do that.  I thought seriously about "painting" this bench; I've shown you those also. You would think that painting a bench with $2 dollars worth of paint would be easier than the slate that I did, but my hat is off to artists who work with paint.  It is a lot of work!  Slate is pretty easy and Nature supplies the colors for me!
   I am still "between jobs" so I am considering making a little table to go with this bench.
   I go on about the weather like an old man!  We got 2 days of sun and then the rains came.  The forecast is more rain for a week.  I gave up on my late corn and tilled it in.  My early corn is up but barely and will never make that "knee high by the forth of July" rule.  The tomatoes look healthy but it is too cold for the blossoms to set.  It will need to be a late, hot summer for them to produce anything.  Funny weather all over.
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SooZeQue said...

Very whimsical bench there Jerry. It's very unique with those wavy legs. Glad you finally kept one for yourself.

Barbra Joan said...

I agree with Sooz, very whimsical and looks like out of an Alice in Wonderland story. Your right about the slate.. it's pretty of that can be said.. Nature always provides the best of everything.
As to your garden what can I say?
Your corn didn't reach '' elephants eye status'? and what happened to those prize tomatoes .. Will they still be alright. ?
Questions? so many questions ..
hugs from a worried BJ lol !

Clipped Wings said...

Love how the slate looks. Very beautiful. Sorry about your gardens. I have perfect weather here and haven't gotten around to planting any seeds at all. I think we are going to have a super hot, dry summer, so will probably plant this weekend.

AutumnLeaves said...

Stunning bench, Jerry. I love the slate with its beautiful array of colors. Indeed, a great morning coffee spot!