Sunday, June 19, 2011


   Selling art is not so much who you know but rather who knows you.  If you hide and keep your stuff in a drawer, by one definition it will never become art and you will never sell.  Networking and the Internet is the modern way to do this but don't dismiss old fashioned leg work, people to people, one person at a time.
   My advertizing is all word of mouth now but I never fail to begin the conversation.
   One place often overlooked in this attempt to sell yourself is your old High School.  The love of gossip that you might have hated then can now be used to your advantage.  People like to talk.
   Sleepy towns can produce great people.  Clint Eastwood and Ken Kesey were both from my little town, Springfield, Oregon.  I was raised in Corvallis, Oregon, even a smaller town which has seen the rise of other now famous people.  I know a Movie Star, a Writer and an Artist, all from my little high school, all childhood friends.  Reconnecting with old classmates is another way to enlarge the circle of those who know you.
   My barber, my banker know what I do and have my business card on their wall.  I don't join clubs but that would be another way, some kind of opportunity to tell people what you do.
   I need the help of other people or I can't continue what I do.  The next sale allows for more materials for the next piece I have yet to think of.  People want to be helpful too.  My "stuff" has been in the lobby of my bank many times, it is the rack you might hang your hat on at my local barbers, and above your table at a local cafe I frequent.
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Clipped Wings said...

You're right on about networking. I wasn't selling, but when I worked with the federal government, I had a whole network of people that made anything possible with my job. They didn't come as a gift. I had to go out and find them, and they all were considered friends by me.

AutumnLeaves said...

Love knowing that your work is out there, Jerry. It really is beautiful!

Kevin Gartner said...

Jerry, we are proud to share your work on our backyard gazebo with friends. A bunch will see your work on June 27 when Melanie will showcase her professional makeup artwork in our backyard.

How do we blog about your work on one of your web sites?

Kevin and Sandra

stonepost said...

Kevin and Sandra, thank you so much! June 27th? What time? I have your chair I could bring for the price of admission! You can Blog right back at me here on this site and the world will see it. Well, a few people will at any rate. If you scroll back a few blogs I talk a lot about your project here. Jerry

Constance Stanza Extravaganza Extraordinaire said...

Jerry's gazebo is a beautiful artwork, it's wonderful to know that it has been created for such lovely people!