Friday, June 17, 2011

Water, water everwhere!

I have lived in the same house for over forty years.  It sits on a big city lot, about one-third acre. Twenty years ago I built my shop/studio but there is still plenty of space for gardens and they are everywhere.
Growing things has always been an important element to my life.  This is a "project property" meaning I always have something to do here.
   One of my earliest projects, almost forty years ago, was to put in a well.  We have city water for the house but I think they charge by the ounce and I wanted lots of water for the garden and even then I had an idea to build the little pool.  Wells are one of the mysteries of life that I do not understand.  My first two attempts were failures, one a dry hole and the other I must have hit a rock the size of a bus!  I just couldn't drive through it.
   The third attempt was interesting in itself.  I had it witched and let me tell you, that works!  My uncle did it for me with a branch, a forked twig from a willow tree, like a "V".  You loosely hold the ends in each hand with the point aimed horizontally in front of you and just walk forward slowly.  If you find water the point of this twig will shoot down marking the spot.  It really works and even if you are a nonbeliever you can't prevent it from working!
   Anyway he found it and that is where I drove my two inch well pipe only 20' into the ground.  I have no idea how this works, it is as if there were a lake down there.  I have unlimited water and in forty years it has never run dry or slowed down.  It is magic.  Turn the hose faucet and water appears!
   Over the years I have added so many faucets that now I have one about every twenty feet in any direction.
 My unlimited source of water!
 One of several "manifolds"
 My pool today, free water!
The longest hose I own is 25' long.

More of my garden is HERE

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Cheryl said...

Amazing Jerry. Would that be the same as a bore here?