Thursday, May 23, 2013

Between Raindrops

 The photo I take often because it changes so fast!
 Pot is made from steel and covered in slate: snap peas.
 Snap peas grown in a pot I made.
 These are experimental, grown in 18" sections of PVC pipe, easy to water and control weeds, my first tomatoes were on these plants.
 Never before this early!
 Nice, healthy tomato plant!
Paths from bark mulch, lots of metal
 Copper panel
Bridge to house side. Pollen tassels are everywhere!
 Row of tomatoes started from seed saved from my best tomatoes from last year.
We had the most beautiful first week in May, nice and warm and even hitting 80 degrees.  For the first time ever I tilled my garden in April and it got off to a great start.  Since then it has been raining every day and seems more like coastal weather, rainy and windy and cold.  The flowers get the worst of this, the vegetables go into hibernation and the tomatoes go into shock.  It might be the end of June before they recuperate. I would hate to be a farmer.  They must be the consummate gamblers.  Too hot, too wet, too cold, too dry!
 My Slate Walled Greenhouse
 IN the garden
These are some photos I took this morning between rain showers.
 My shop and Garden Entry with Trumpet Vine
 My little pool, too cold for skinny dipping!


Barbra Joan said...

Jerry, fantastic photos of a truly beautiful area,like a Garden of Eden. even with no sun. !!!

Jerry Carlin said...

See ya soon Barbra! Don't eat the apples!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Look at all that rich green! What a beautiful garden my friend.