Sunday, May 19, 2013

I have friends in Florida...

Well, I do NOW!  That is where the winning Powerball Ticket was purchased so almost anyone from Florida could become my friend.  That is what would happen, wouldn't it?  Friends you never knew and relatives you never met would come crawling out of the woodwork.  Really, what would you do if you had won?  I would probably spend it on wine, women and song and squander the rest.  I have a brand new roof on my house and am in the process of painting it so I don't need anything in that department.  My garden this year is the best I've ever done and I have no more room for more flower pots.  I have a 1989 Mercedes in excellent condition, brand new tires even and I really hate cars anyway.  My work truck has some dents but I like it that way.  It can be used and used up but it can't be hurt.  I would keep it.
   The odds of winning of course were astronomical!  Like, choose a number that I am thinking of between 1 and 20, except it was choose five numbers between 1 and 175 MILLION!  But it is a dream, right?  A fantasy and those who spent a couple bucks on it did no harm but I suspect some spent the milk money or even the rent on it and that is the down side to the Lottery.  A voluntary tax on poor people so someone can fulfill their greed.
   The fun part would be in giving it away and that could become a job in itself.  Lots of people have won the lottery to be dead or murdered soon after!   You would need bodyguards and food tasters and it would change your life dramatically and maybe not for the best. What would you do?
   I always hear "Travel" and it makes me laugh.  Travelling anywhere is really within reach of anyone wanting to travel somewhere.  $3,000 will still get you a "round the world flight" and for less than a thousand bucks you can fly anywhere in the USA and get a return ticket.  $300 bucks can get you a long way from home.
People who say they want to travel will happily spend $30,000 on a car that will never get further than 500 miles from their driveway.
    I really don't know what I would do and at least I woke up today not having that problem.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

If I had won I would have bought a tropical island :-)

Jerry Carlin said...

Ha ha! Me too!

Barbra Joan said...

Well Jerry you always had a friend from Florida, !!
Although not a Powerball winner, does that matter?
And the winner lives in the very next town north of me...
not 15 minutes away.. pretty close to home I'd say.